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Best Universities in UK for Masters: Courses, Fees and Ranking

This blog covers all the information about the universities in UK for masters. So, if you want to know which institute matches your needs and how to secure admission there, this blog is for you.

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular choices among students planning to study abroad. Do you know why? This is because it offers a variety of universities with the highest QS rankings globally. In addition, these institutes serve diverse courses, work opportunities and scholarships to its students. Thus, there is no drawback to studying overseas in the UK. So, in this blog, we have listed the top 5 universities in UK for masters and bachelors to have a successful and bright future head. 

5 Top Universities in UK for Masters

There are numerous institutes to study in the United Kingdom, but in this blog, we will be discussing the 5 best universities in UK for masters. Here is a list of the same:

  • University of Oxford: Famous for Humanities, MBA and Law
  • University of Cambridge: Famous for Economics, Science and Law
  • Imperial College London: Famous for Engineering, Medical and Science
  • University College London (UCL): Famous for Law, Science and Medicine
  • The University of Edinburgh: Famous for Veterinary Medicine, Engineering and MBA.

Let's dive into each of the UK universities separately and explore their unique features in brief:

University of Oxford

Oxford University is at the top of the UK university list for several reasons. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes in England, with its roots dating back to the 12th century. The factors that make it among the top choices include academic excellence along with ancient and classical buildings, theatre, museums and libraries. This has four academic dimensions: mathematical, physical & life sciences, humanities and medical sciences & social sciences.

University of Oxford World Ranking 1st
Location Oxford
Average Tuition Fees INR 29 lakh INR 47 lakh
University Intakes 2 intakes
Popular Programs Philosophy and Theology

University of Cambridge

It is another one from the UK university list preferred by students to pursue post-graduate programs in the United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest institutes in the nation and 4th in the world. Thus, you will be taken back in history when studying here. This is famous for its excellent faculty and staff in around 31 independent colleges within. The institute is well-known for its Mathematics due to some mathematicians like Charles Babbage. 

University of Cambridge World Ranking 2nd
Location Cambridge, England
Average Tuition Fees 24.98 to 65.24 lakhs
University Intakes 3 intakes
Popular Programs Archaeology

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is another institute that ranks among the top 5 university in UK for master degree. It is situated in the heart of London and is famous for pursuing STEM specialisations. The education gained here is enough to make you ready to face real-world challenges. It has a well-made international presence that attracts students and faculties. It is famous and popular among scholars wanting to study Business-related subjects.

Imperial College London World Ranking 6th 
Location South Kensington, London
Average Tuition Fees 33 lakhs per year approx
University Intakes 3 intakes
Popular Programs Computer Science

University College London

UCL was the first institute founded in London in 1826. This is the first university that provides admission to both men and women on equal terms, regardless of gender. The majority of students are international and are here to pursue their post-graduate studies. Studying in UK universities is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is due to its liveliness along with top-class infrastructure, meditative rooms and a strong committee for students. 

University College London World Ranking 9th
Location Gower St, London
Average Tuition Fees 23.50 to 40.23 lakhs
University Intakes 2 intakes
Popular Programs Medicine 

The University of Edinburgh

It is one of the most historic and prestigious university in the capital city of Edinburgh. It was founded back in the year 1582. Moreover, it is made up of the three large colleges of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The campus of this UK university is a UNESCO world heritage site. Thus, it encourages student exchange programs and global collaboration with a diverse student body. This is one in the UK university list that prepares students to gain practical knowledge in the subjects to be ready for facing the world.

The University of Edinburgh World Ranking 22nd 
Location Edinburgh
Average Tuition Fees INR 3384542
University Intakes 2 intakes
Popular Programs Sports Science

These are the 5 most popular post graduate universities in the UK for students from all over the world. After getting with the best institutes, you must be wondering why the UK is a preferred study-abroad destination, right? So, the following section will list the factors for the same.

Why Study at the Best Universities in UK for Masters?

From the never-ending list of perks answering the question of "Why study in UK?" we have listed some of them here: 

  • World-class Universities
  • High-quality Education
  • Affordable Cost of Living
  • Safe and Vibrant Campus Life
  • Great Job Opportunities
  • Access to Global Network

World-class Universities 

One of the major reasons to choose the UK for higher studies is the globally renowned universities. The country has some top-ranked institutes to study in and a variety of programs to choose from. 

High-quality Education

With the leading university comes a great quality of education in every field. This is possible due to the diverse faculty and students who come from different nations and backgrounds. 

Affordable Cost of Living

The part of studying in the UK is getting the best quality education without spending tons of money. This is possible due to the affordable cost of living and reasonable tuition fees.

Safe and Vibrant Campus Life

The UK is one of the safest countries in the world for both resident and international students. This is possible with the strong student committees and government laws. Thus, it is known for its vibrant student life.

Great Career Opportunities 

Along with top-notch quality education, students can also seek the benefits of immense career and job opportunities. Students can work along and after completing their studies in the nation.

Access to Global Network

As the UK hosts students from diverse nations and backgrounds, it enables to interact and connect with them to learn about different cultures. Thus, while learning in the UK, students can grow their network globally. 

These are a few perks if you are thinking, "Why study in UK?" However, there is a long list for the same. One of the major benefits is the ability to choose from a variety of courses. Thus, the upcoming section will help you explore them in brief.

Best Courses to Pursue in Top Universities in UK for Masters

Choosing a university to study overseas becomes more challenging when you do not know which course you want to pursue. Thus, in this section of the blog, we have listed some courses as per the universities in UK. Here, you will explore the popular programs in the country and the institute recommended for them. The list of famous courses is as follows:

  • MBA
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Architecture 
  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Computer Science

Let us now look into each of these courses in detail:


Masters in Business Administration is one of the major attractions for international students. This is why Business schools in the UK top the list. Here, you will be learning about different aspects of business, including Investment banking management, data analysis, banking and finance, etc. 

Recommended University: Oxford University


Law is another program that is often pursued in UK universities. Law programs in the nation enable the aspirants to understand the critical fundamentals of the legal principles for practising in the country. However, almost all the courses in the UK provide students with professional placement.

Recommended University: University of Cambridge


The UK is renowned for its highly qualified faculty in the field of medicine, along with its infrastructure. Numerous students come to the UK to pursue medicine as their post-graduation regardless of their specialisation. The degrees earned in the UK are recognised in India and other countries, too.

Recommended University: University of Oxford


Architecture is an integration of science, art, technology, design and culture. It is one of the highest-paying courses for which students consider university in UK for master degree in this field. 

Recommended University: The University of Cambridge


Engineering takes place in almost all the fields in today's technological world. This ranges from medical treatment, transportation, communication and whatnot. Thus, it is becoming one of the most chosen courses to study in the UK universities for masters.

Recommended University: University of Cambridge

Business Analytics

It is one of the programs that has rapidly increased in demand in the past few years. This degree enables students to evaluate the growth tangents of the companies by planning their performance.

Recommended University: Imperial College London

Computer Science

It is one of the most competitive degrees to pursue your master's. This course revolves around computing devices, which are the core subjects of the degree. It includes software, hardware, architecture of massive computer systems and more.

Recommended University: University of Oxford

These are the popular courses that you can pursue in the top ranking universities in UK for masters. Now, you might be wondering how to get admission to these institutes. If yes, the next section of the blog is for you. So, do not skip reading it. 

How to Apply for a University in United Kingdom? 

There is no rigorous procedure to follow while applying to your dream universities in UK for masters. But, to ease the path, we have listed the steps to ensure you do not skip any important stage of the application mechanism. Here are the quick steps to adhere to:

Step to Apply for a University in United Kingdom by

These are the steps you need to follow while applying to a university in the UK for a master's degree. Move ahead to perceive each of these steps in brief:

Select the Course

Knowing which course you want to pursue is the foremost thing in the application process. This can be assessed by knowing your interest areas and field of expertise. It will help you know which course to take to have a successful career. 

Decide the University

Once you know which degree you want to have, the next stage is to select the best universities in UK for masters. To do this, explore various universities separately or visit, where you will find all the institutes listed in a single place. 

Register on the Website

It is time to apply by registering yourself on the official website of the specific university. This will demand your academic transcripts and scores on language proficiency tests. For this, you should go through the guidelines of the institute before applying.

Accept Your Offer

After applying to the university, you need to wait for your acceptance letter. However, you might be accepted with an unconditional offer at times when you have directly secured the position. 

Plan Your Finances

Once you have received the acceptance letter, it is time to plan your finances to study abroad. This also includes the process of applying for educational loans and the scholarships offered by the institutes. 

Apply for Visa

Once you have planned the finances, it is time to apply for the visa, as without this, you cannot enter a foreign land. This needs several documents, without which your UK visa might get rejected. Thus, to ensure this does not happen, read the reasons for UK visa rejection. 

Sort Your Lodging

So this is the last step, where you have to find a place to live in a foreign land. This means you need to figure out where you will be living, on-campus or off-campus, as per your requirements and budget. 

These are the quick and simple steps to follow to know "How to apply to university in United Kingdom?" Moving ahead, if you have just finished high school and are planning to settle abroad for your graduation, do not lose hope. This blog is for you as well. So, read ahead to explore the best universities in UK for bachelors degree.

Is the University Application Process Scaring You?

With, overcome your fear and apply to your dream university in the UK without any hurdles. Here, the team will ease the process with their expertise. Seek Assistance Now!

5+ Best Universities in UK for Bachelors

So, just passed your school and are planning to complete your higher studies from the best universities in UK for bachelors. If yes, this segment of the blog will list them to help you make a clearer and wiser choice. 

University for Bachelors Popular Course & QS Ranking
University of Manchester BA in Politics and Social Anthropology QS Rank: 32
King’s College London BSc in Psychology QS Rank: 40
University of Bristol BEng in Civil Engineering QS Rank: 55
The London School of Economics and Political Science BSc in International Relations QS Rank: 45
University of Warwick BSc in Health and Medical Sciences QS Rank: 67
University of Glasgow MSc Management QS Rank: 76<

These are the best universities in UK for bachelors programs. Moving ahead, if you are low on budget and planning to drop your idea to study in the UK, there is something you must know. The UK never lets anyone down, as it has several universities that fit into your budget too. Hop on to the next section to explore them.  

List of Low-Cost Universities in UK for Indian Students

If you are short on budget but want to pursue your masters in a UK university, here is the list of institutes providing affordable courses

University Average Tuition Fees

Leeds Beckett University


University of Cumbria

£13,575 approx.

University of Chester


Coventry University

£18,250 approx.

Staffordshire University

£12,000 - £14,500 

These are some of the universities that have reasonable tuition fees to fit in your pocket. Moving ahead, if these are also not falling within your budget and you are thinking it is education-free in the UK, then the following section will provide you with an answer. 

Can I Study in UK for Free? Avail Scholarships

Nothing in this world comes for free, and when it comes to studying at prestigious universities in the UK, it becomes impossible. But wait, to relieve you from such a burden, the UK government have several scholarships to offer. Moreover, you can also get an educational loan to manage your expenses in the country. Although in this blog, we will be discovering scholarship opportunities for students in the UK.

Name of Scholarship Features
Chevening Scholarships It is a fully-funded scholarship offered to candidates with excellent academic scores and leadership experience. It is available for 12 months but can be extended by FCO in a special case.
Commonwealth Scholarships< It is awarded to students belonging to commonwealth countries. It needs a student to be a permanent resident of a commonwealth country is mandatory.
GREAT Scholarships This scholarship is offered to the students of India, Mexico, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria and more. It provides around £10,000, for the tuition fess for numerous post graduation programs.
Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships It provides grants to Indian students currently living in India in the early or middle stages of their career. It also includes those who are working or studying in the heritage conservation, arts, or humanities.

Scotland Saltire Scholarships It is a scholarship program of the Scottish Government in partnership with Scottish universities. This offers up to 50 awards of each £8000 including tuition fees for any masters program.

These are some scholarships provided by the universities in the UK for its students. However, if you want to explore them in detail, click here:

Grab the Exciting Study Abroad Scholarships in the UK 2023

Moving ahead, let's discover the job options available for you after completing your post-graduate studies.

What Are the Job Opportunities in UK After Masters?

There are ample opportunities for international students to work after their masters in the UK. For this, they just need to get a Tier 2 work visa to be eligible for a job. However, your options might vary as per your skills and the university you are from. Moreover, the degree you have pursued is also a reason for the opportunities. Thus, in this section, we will be exploring job options as per the course you are taking.

Job opportunities in UK after masters listed by

The dream of studying in top universities in UK for masters must be looking like an achievable task after going through the blog, right? This is because we have tried to answer all your queries. However, if something is still bothering you, seek help from the experts at and get solutions for them. The platform has adepts in the field who will guide you in the right direction to achieve your dream smoothly. So, have a successful future ahead with proficient personnel in the area.

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