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Get a Complete Guide on Different Types of Intakes in USA 

Are you planning to pursue studies in the United States? Know all about the intakes in USA with this blog of to ease the overseas journey.

When students consider pursuing education overseas, the United States comes out to be a good option. It has the world’s most prestigious institutions, which attracts scholars from far and wide. Candidates opt to learn from this nation. The institutions here offer various opportunities and a diverse range of courses. Additionally, global students are provided with scholarships and grants to promote affordable education and career prospects. Because of all such aspects, it is considered a popular study-abroad destination. However, to get into the finest institutions in the United States, scholars need to fulfil some requirements. Here, students are needed to take admissions based on intakes in USA. Thus, they can easily pursue their chosen courses in this country.

To offer an easy and hassle-free enrolment procedure to scholars, the institutes in the US adopt a batch-based intake process that takes place three times a year. They accept applications based on a specific range of programs and policies during each intake. Thus, it becomes a prime question among youngsters to ask: "How many intakes are there in USA?" Well, the answer is pretty clear and simple. There are three, namely spring, summer, and fall. Thus, candidates should apply during such periods according to their course duration.

To learn more about these intakes, students can go through this blog by It contains detailed information regarding such admission procedures in the USA. It includes info about the types of intakes, application process, colleges, courses, and document requirements. This helpful guide can make students apply to their dream US colleges on time.

Brief Description of the Intakes in the USA

It is a known fact that there are three USA intakes. Students can apply during any of these periods. However, to do so, candidates should get complete details on their courses and chosen colleges and apply during the suitable intakes. They can enrol during these times:

  • Spring Intake (January-April)
  • Summer Intake (May-August)
  • Fall Intake (September-December)

The major number of admissions take place in September. Hence, the fall intake is known as the primary intake. The spring intake in USA is called the secondary one. Aspirants should learn that the summer intake is the least preferred and that not all universities accept admissions during this period. Thus. They should enrol at the time of primary and secondary intake.

Spring Intake in USA: Description and Guide

This intake is also known as January Intake and is the second most preferred intakes in USA. Several universities and institutions in the USA take admission during this time. Hence, students need to check if their chosen colleges are offering their desired courses and what are the application requirements of the process. 

Also, scholars should check if their preferred institutes are open at the time of secondary intake and what are their chances of getting accepted there. In case learners cannot apply for this intake, they can enrol at their target US institutes during the fall intake, which is the most preferred one. Candidates can apply during this intake, which is open from January until May.

Perks of Opting for the Spring Intake in the USA 

Now that students have got a brief description of the spring intake. They should also know the perks of applying during this period. These benefits are stated below.

  • Fewer students are enrolling for this intake, which may make the transition process easier.
  • As there is better weather when courses begin, Indian students should consider enrolling in the Spring semester in the United States.
  • Postgraduate candidates who did not apply during the fall intake will have another opportunity to apply during the spring intake.
  • Applying during the spring intake means having a smaller group of pupils that allows more opportunities for interaction between professors and learners.
  • Scholars will have plenty of time to study and ace the proficiency tests like IELTS, GRE, GMAT, or TOEFL. 
  • If candidates apply for a program in the spring intake, they will have the potential to earn their degree in less time than previous intakes and begin working towards their goal and job sooner.

So, these are some of the main perks of applying during spring intake. Scholars can consider these facets to make a proper study plan for their journey.

List of Universities in the United States for Spring Intake

Look at the list of universities in the United States that enrol students for spring intake. These institutes are one of the most reputed and well-known ones in the country.

S No.

 Name of University


Harvard University


The University of Massachusetts


Yale University


The University of Colorado


The University of Central Florida


The University of South Carolina


Arizona State University


Washington State University

The table above shows some of the top universities that students can apply to during the spring intake and follow up with their guidelines to get accepted.

Summer Intake in USA: Description and Guide

The Summer intake is the final intake in the United States that concludes the admission cycle for the year. At this time, few universities or colleges will accept applications. A handful of courses may be open during this intake, with the most popular/important ones being filled. However, students should check to see if their program is accessible during this admission period.

The Summer intake in USA normally begins in May and extends till August. This is not a very common intake, so scholars should make sure they are informed of the details in advance if planning to apply during this time. Thus, they should consult with their peers, parents, and teachers before making any decisions.

Perks of Opting for the Summer Intake in the USA 

Now, students are well-acquainted with the details and guide of the summer intake. They can check the top perks of applying during this period to receive the desired outcomes.

  • The main benefit of summer intake in the United States is that most learners who missed the fall and spring semesters can apply. 
  • A large number of language and cultural courses are available in this intake.
  • Students interested in pursuing an MS or MBA must apply during the calendar year's second intake. 
  • The additional benefit of the summer intake is that there is less competition. 
  • It is useful for additional education, such as language certifications or similar abilities that can improve the career potential of the applicants.
  • If students are interested in short-term courses, they can apply during this intake to explore such options.

The above points are some of the best benefits that scholars should learn about this intake in the United States to consider studying in the country.

List of Universities in United States for Summer Intake

However, these colleges have defined criteria that scholars are required to follow to get into them. So, it is vital for learners to know what colleges are open and to which one they want to apply. Below, there is a proper list of all such colleges open during the summer intake.

S No.

 Name of University


Kean University


University of Illinois at Chicago


New York University


The University of Arizona


The University of Florida


Virginia State University


Mississippi State University


North Central University

This table mentions some of the popular institutes that accept applications in this intake. Thus, students can check these colleges and apply to them as soon as possible.

Fall Intake in USA: Description and Guide

The fall intake means the autumn semester is the most popular among collegiate candidates. Almost all US colleges accept the initial batch of undergraduate students for this season and provide a diverse range of courses and slots to apply, be selected, and pursue their desired courses. The academic sessions begin in August or September, and learners can begin applying to institutions and learning about them at an early stage. It is advised that the fewer applicants rush and the more comfortable they feel when applying to colleges, the better the chances of getting into their favourite institute.

Also, the MA courses are available during the fall intake in USA on a lot basis. Several institutions offer a full range of programs and courses during the fall intake. This semester provides a more extended period for scholars to adapt to the new learning system and environment. The enrollment process for this intake starts in November and extends till May. Since this is a vital intake, applicants should keep up with the deadlines and apply as early as possible.

Perks of Opting for the Fall Intake in the USA 

To know more about the fall intake, candidates should attentively learn about the positive aspects of applying during this particular period. It is a highly popular intake in the USA. So, learners should get more info about its perks stated below.

  • The winter intake in USA is regarded as the finest intake in the United States for providing a large number of courses and scholarships to scholars.
  • The start of the academic year is marked by the winter intake. As a result, most students apply for their chosen programs during this period.
  • This intake additionally includes sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Almost all universities in USA for international students enroll their first class of undergraduate learners during the September intake.
  • Several students are very competitive and employable after the winter entrance sessions.
  • Candidates in the winter intake receive more employment offers during the university's placement campaign.

Get Admission to the Desired University in the USA

We at provide help to students throughout the intake process in the USA and guide them to ease their journey to securing a seat. Book a Free Consultation!

These benefits are the main reasons why students apply during the fall intake. So, scholars must check these perks to know if this period suits their academic needs and other factors.

List of Universities in United States for Fall Intake

There are various universities in the US that accept admissions in the fall intake. Since it is a popular intake, almost all institutions in the country enrol students worldwide. In this case, candidates can have a look at the list of universities in the US for fall intake stated below:

S No.

 Name of University


Harvard University


University of Utah


Stanford University


The University of South Florida


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


University of Dayton, Ohio


Yale University


Boston University

The above-stated table shows the list of all the top USA universities that take admissions during the fall intake. Interested students can check this list to apply for any of these institutes in this particular semester.

Documentation Requirements to Apply at US Universities 

Now that students have learned which intake is best for USA, they should know about the document requirements of the institutions in the United States to ensure a smooth enrollment process. They must keep a check on all the deadlines for applying during the different intakes. Hence, scholars should apply for their desired fields based on the distinct admission needs of the colleges in this nation.

 Also, candidates should gather all the vital papers for this procedure and ensure they do not miss any of the info. It will enhance their chances of getting accepted at their dream US college. There are various universities to apply in USA. Hence, learners should check the list of documents required by these institutes below.

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Score on English proficiency tests like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT.
  • A resume containing the details of the academic and extracurricular abilities of the applicant.
  • National identification card of the candidate.
  • The tenth and twelfth-grade mark sheets.
  • Transcripts and provisional certificates of completion of a degree, if applicable.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Study Visa
  • Passport
  • Other relevant papers and certifications relating to internships and projects.

These documents are some necessary requirements for the enrollment process. Scholars should prepare all such papers to submit their application and provide everything.

Tips for the Application During the Intakes in the USA

When students apply for US colleges, they need to consider many things before submitting their application. Scholars must ensure they carry out every step of the process properly to avoid any further issues. This way, they can save their application from being rejected. For that reason, learners must follow a few tips for the application during the intakes in USA below.

  • Students should start researching and getting all possible details regarding these intakes in the USA. They should make plans and select courses based on their skills and academic interests. 
  • Get proper info about all the documents required for their application and verify them to ensure they have been prepared under the university policies.
  • Learners should prepare and score well in their English proficiency tests, as these marks can enhance their chances of getting into their dream US colleges.
  • Candidates should frame a concise and engaging statement of purpose (SOP) for their admission application that explains their true intent to study in the United States. This essay can play a huge role in the visa process. Thus, students should write their SOPs properly.
  • Scholars should get honest and convincing letters of recommendation from peers, teachers, or people in their network whom they truly trust and can know what applicants are planning for their journey.
  • Check the SOP and LOR for possible mistakes and make necessary changes before application to avoid rejection of the application.

The aforementioned tips can be helpful for students who are planning to apply to top institutions during the USA intakes. They can follow such steps to enhance their chances of getting accepted at their target institutions and make the most of it.


Many students have the goal of pursuing a higher education abroad in the associated world nowadays. The United States constantly stands out among the top destinations, famous for its academic institutions and broad range of courses offered. This nation has been ranked among the top five study-abroad destinations and has been known to offer tremendous education for decades. For that reason, scholars choose this country to gain the best benefits from its top-class institutions. However, they need to apply for these colleges for intakes in USA based admissions and follow up with all the details regarding these periods. 

In that case, students can approach to start this journey and engage in the rules and guidelines of intake-based admissions. This platform is a highly reliable place for scholars who have goals of studying in this nation and require attentive assistance. The experts here have comprehensive knowledge about how many intakes in USA involving their guide and durationThus, candidates can fulfil their dreams and consider this aforementioned guide to get all possible info regarding these entry procedures in the US.


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