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Get a Complete Guide on Different Types of Intakes in USA 

Do you know what an extraordinary dream is? It is something that inspires you to push yourself a little harder. If that dream of yours is about studying at a top university in USA, then USA is offering 3 chances per year! This blog discusses all the intakes in USA for 2024. In addition, it covers the best time to apply for USA university in each intake. The sections below also state some tips to apply for a university in the US. 
Moreover, you can find a list of universities and the courses they offer in each of the 3 intakes. Yet, let us start by knowing about how many intakes are there in USA.

What Are the Intakes in USA 2024?

There are three intakes in USA for international students, i.e., fall, spring, and summer intakes in the US. The best part about these intakes is that they are not limited and have their own benefits. However, they also have some demerits that the students must keep in mind before applying. For instance, in countries like Canada, winter intakes are not very popular. As the name suggests, the weather is a weak point. Yet, the strongest point is that there is less competition. However, it brings another drawback that the courses offered during fall intakes in USA are limited. 
Furthermore, several top universities in the US offer various courses. There are different courses offered during every intake. Therefore, it would be wise to learn about these details of every intake once at a time. Thus, the next section discusses every detail of the fall intake in USA.

Fall Intake in USA 2024

Firstly, it is also called September intake. The process of this intake starts in November and extends until May. This inatke in the US is considered the best intake because it marks the beginning of the year. Besides, there are a lot of courses and an ample amount of competition, too. Hence, students with the best academic records apply for this intake in the USA. 
Rest assured, this article will delve into many other crucial details about the fall intake in the US, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Pros and Cons

Firstly, like every intake, the fall intake in USA has its own merits and demerits. The table below discusses the pros and cons of the intake in the US:

A variety of courses and programs to select from Very high competition
Number of scholarships and fellowships available are higher Seats fill out faster
Several universities are available for almost every course Due to increase in demand, getting a secure place to stay gets difficult

These are the various merits and demerits of the September intake in the US. The next thing we are going to talk about are the courses you can apply for september intake and the universities. Furthermore, 90% of the universities in the USA offer the opportunity to study during fall intake.

Universities with QS ranking

Take a look at the table below to understand the various universities and their position in world ranking:

Pennsylvania State University 83
Southern Methodist University 1001-1200
Purdue University, West Lafayette 99
Case Western Reserve University 255
University of Texas at Austin 58
University of Kansas 410
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 33

Now, let us learn more about the courses offered at these universities.

Course Offered and Their Average Annual Tuition Fee

Every intake has a different set of courses offered by universities in USA. The list below mentions the courses and their average annual fee in USA. 

The table above describes the courses USA universities offer during the september intake. Furthermore, read about the timeline for fall intake in USA.
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Timeline to Apply

You can use the timeline below to prepare well for this intake in USA.

pply to top US universities in the upcoming fall intake with

The next section will discuss the second answer to the question of how many intakes there are in the USA. Explore the various courses available during the spring intake below.

Spring Intake in USA 2024

Secondly, the list of intakes in USA has the spring intake in the second position. It is also called the January intake. This is the second most preferred intake and has a lot of merits to it. However, there are also a lot of cons that must be kept in mind before applying for a university in the USA.

Furthermore, if you apply for a course in USA intakes 2024 during Spring, you will have your course done in a shorter period as compared to other intakes.
Take a look at the section further and learn the pros and cons of spring intakes in the US.

Pros and Cons

Take a look at the merits and demerits of spring intakes in USA 2024.

You get more time to prepare for applying in this intake. All courses are not available
You get lesser competition. Thus, more time to get in. Not all universities offer January intake.
You get better and cheaper places to stay due to less demand Fewer internship and work opportunities.

The above table mentions how it is better or worse than the september intake. The next section will discuss the US universities for fall intake with their world QS ranking. 

Universities with QS ranking

Thirdly, many universities also offer courses in the Spring intake. The universities and their world rankings are in the table below.

Arizona State University 179
Northeastern University 375
Johns Hopkins University 28
Duke University 57
Brown University 73
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 1
University of Pennsylvania 12

Courses Offered and Their Average Annual Tuition Fee

Following are the various courses offered during the Spring intake in the US. The table below also mentions their average annual tuition fee.

MS in Public Health 20,000-70,600 USD
MS Biochemistry 15,000-30,000 USD
MBA in Finance 74,910-87,370 USD
MS in Information Technology 30,000-50,259 USD
Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology 59,950-61,000 USD
BBA Finance 35,000-76,000 USD
MS in Business Analytics 67,000 USD
MS in Mechanical Engineering 18,802-60,816 USD
MS in Computer Science 41,445 USD
MS in Data Science 24,852-74,450 USD

These are the various courses and programs available in USA during the Spring intake. Yet, this list does not comprise all the courses that are available in this intake. There is a lot more variety. Thus, it would be advisable to check out the official websites of your preferred universities. Next, we have the timeline of the spring intake in the US.

Timeline to Apply

The image below highlights the entire timeline of the Spring intake in the US. 

Fly to Study in USA in the upcoming spring intake with

The next section is talking about the summer intake in the US.

Summer Intake in USA 2024

This is the last preferred intake of international students in the US. However, it also has its own merits. Moreover, it has demerits that you can't ignore. The next section will cover the various pros and cons of the intake. 

Pros and Cons

The Summer intake, also known as the May intake, has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. These are a few things you must keep track of before applying to study abroad. Take a look at the table below to better understand the issue:

The competition gets really less as it is the least preferred intake out of all. There are a very limited number of courses available.
The summer intake starts way sooner than the September intake (fall intake) Many universities do not offer the summer intake.
Housing can be cheaper compared to other intakes There are almost no scholarships available for this intake.
You can get better weather and chance to experience outside activities Due to smaller student groups, lesser social opportunities.

These are the merits and demerits of applying during summer intake in USA. Besides, there are very few universities offering summer intake. Thus, do your research as your favorite university might also not be on the list. This one explores the various universities that are available for the summer intake. These US universities and their QS rankings are in the table below.


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Universities with QS ranking

Following are the various universities you can apply for in the summer intake. Not all universities offer the this intake.

Stanford University 5
University of Oregon 721-730
Boston University 93
lllinois State University 1401

These are some of the top universities you can apply to during your summer intake.
Now, take a look at the courses you can apply in this intake. You can only apply for 30% of the total courses available in the US. The rest of them are not offered in this intake. Hence, there is less competition

Course Offered and Their Average Annual Tuition Fee

Many courses are offered by universities in the USA during the this intake. The table below discusses the course names and their average annual tuition fees in the USA.

Machine learning 40,000-80,000 USD
Business 18,200-23,590 USD
Design 44,000-81,000 USD
Journalism 30,000-40,000 USD
Accounting 42,000-87,000 USD
Business Law 43,941 USD
Civil Engineering 19,000-86,000 USD
Chemistry 24,000-48,000 USD
Environmental Science 21,375-23,590 USD  
Arts Up to 55,000 USD

Now that you know about the various courses for the may intake in USA, let us move on. The next section will discuss the timeline for this intake in USA. It will explain when you should start preparing for the same.

Timeline to Apply

The following timeline will help you determine the best time to prepare for the summer intake in the USA.

Let shortlist some courses for you this summer intake

These are the steps you can consider before applying for the may intake. Now that you know how many intakes are there in USA, let us move on to the next section. It will discuss the differences between these three intakes. There are a lot of pros and cons of each of the intakes.

Difference Between Spring, Fall, and Summer Intakes in USA

The following table explains the differences between the three intakes in the US. Moreover, every point below holds a lot of value. In addition, it can help you decide which intake is best for you. Thus, take note of every point before considering an intake in USA.

Furthermore, you can also consult an expert at who can evaluate your profile accordingly.

The least number of scholarships are offered during this intake. Comparatively Fewer Scholarships are available for students. Maximum scholarships available.
Session Starts from May Session Starts from January Session Starts from September
This is the Least Preferred intake in USA. This is the Secondary intake in USA. This is the Primary Intake in USA
A lot fewer options are offered by universities (around 30%) Lesser courses are offered (around 50%) A variety of courses are offered. (at least 90%)
Students can only find opportunities on campus under their professors or teachers The chances to work as a researcher are lesser than the fall intake. Many part-time work opportunities are available
Very few universities hold placement drives for this batch. The companies that come for employment are lesser. The companies take major campus placement
Admissions open from October to November Applications open from September to November Admissions open from December to July

Now that you know the differences between the various intakes in the US, let's get further. Here are a few tips to apply for intakes in USA.

Tips to Apply for Intakes in USA in 2024

Refer to the pointers below to understand how to apply for USA intakes 2024 this year.

  1. Research in Advance
  2. Keep Profiles Updated
  3. Start as Early as You Can
  4. Don't Copy LORs or SOP
  5. Make Your SOP Convincing

The above points are in detail below:

Research in Advance

Firstly, focus on finding and shortlisting the best options available. You can get help from a study abroad expert who can research based on your needs. They keep in check your potential and interests. Moreover, they are well versed in abroad education. Thus, it would be a good idea to let the counselors help you. Moreover, all the intakes in USA are different, and not every intake suits every student.

Keep Profiles Updated 

Secondly, applying for a university in USA must be a calculated step. Besides, Gradding enjoins its students with a profile evaluation step. This step comes when applying for various universities. Therefore, scholars must keep their profiles updated.

Start as Early as You Can

Thirdly, begin to apply as early as you can. You will have more time to arrange the documents and complete other formalities. Applying as early as possible will also facilitate your ease in performing the formalities.

Don't Copy LORs or SOP

Fourthly, do not copy such important documents. SOPs and LORs must be strictly original and signed by a trusted referee. However, you can refer to the samples present on the internet. Furthermore, you can also consult your expert for tips on formatting logical SOP and getting LORs.

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Make Your SOP Convincing

Lastly, it does not matter if you format your SOP yourself or seek expert aid. The main objective of writing an SOP is to tell them your goals. Moreover, your goals must align with your reasons for studying in the USA. 

Here are some valuable tips to consider before you embark on your university application journey. These tips are designed to help you navigate the application process more effectively and increase your chances of securing admission to your preferred universities. 

To conclude, there are a lot of things to ponder before selecting from intakes in USA. Moreover, it is better to consult a mentor to help you with several steps to take to study abroad. The fall intake brings a lot of competition, whereas the summer intake brings ease. However, the may intake also allows for only 30% of the total courses. Moreover, the number of scholarships and colleges is also less. Hence, the september intake with 90% of the available courses, is the primary intake.
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Furthermore, the spring intake in USA 2024 is about to start. In the coming month of July, the preparation for the next Summer intake will start. Join to get free counseling on which intake would suit your needs. Moreover, get a profile evaluation and perks of university applications upon joining.

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