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Describe a Long Car Journey You Went On - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS exam is one of the main English entrance exams for students and employees going in an English-speaking country. There are 4 sections in it: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The IELTS speaking section consists of 3 sub parts. The cue card round comes in the second sub part. It stands for International English Language Testing System. It is accepted along a huge range of institutes and organizations around the world. This write up will aid you learn the A-Z of IELTS cue cards with the help of sample cue cards.

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Introduction to IELTS Cue Cards

The speaking section of the IELTS exam tests your English fluency while speaking. You have to interact with a questioner for 3 to 4 minutes. The questioner will give you IELTS cue cards in the form of prompts. So, you will have to respond to those prompts. These come with 1 main question which you answer in 4 pointers.

Moreover, the IELTS speaking section also assesses the coherence, cohesion, and the four pillars of vocabulary. These are:

  1. Noun-Adjective
  2. Verb-Adverb

This blog gives scholars three samples of IELTS speaking cue card on the topic “Describe a long car journey you went on”. The section will first discuss how to answer the cue cards.

How to Answer the Cue Cards?

Scoring an eight band score in IELTS speaking part 2 can help you score well in the IELTS exam. However, it is vital to understand various techniques to do that. You can use great lexical resources and idioms to make your speech more expressive. Moreover, you can also use these methods in other sections of the IELTS exam. Here, in the following cue card samples, you will find the answers to questions like:

  • Where did you go?
  • Who did you go there with?
  • What did you do there?
  • Explain why you went on the journey by car and how you felt about the journey

Here’s a sample IELTS cue card for you to refer:

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Now let us talk about the sample answers to give you an idea of how to answer in IELTS speaking part 2.

Describe a Long Car Journey You Went On - Sample 1

Do look at the first sample answer on the topic- Describe a Long Car Journey You Went On. You can refer to the answer to understand the nature and tone of the answer while attempting IELTS speaking part 2.


I have had a lot of road trip opportunities. However, this one is close to my heart. Thus, I’d like to talk about a nightlong long car drive with my father.

Where did you go?

It felt like an infamous midnight tale as our car traveled across the entire city of Jaipur. It was mid-December, and the nights were chilly. The icy breeze hit our faces until we rolled up the windows. The streets were desolate, and the town seemed abandoned.

Who did you go there with?

My father suggested going on a long drive when my maternal grandmother was ill, and we couldn't stay at the hospital. Our sorrowful expressions were evident to him, and to lift our spirits, he took us on a drive until 5 o'clock in the morning.

What did you do there?

We spent the entire night wandering the roads of the Pink City. Fortunately, we found a few vendors offering delectable treats. Papa had a profound conversation with us that night. It was an enlightening moment when he remarked that, in life, any kind of loss is a vital catalyst for acceleration and growth.

Explain why you went on the journey by car and how you felt about the journey

We realized that in helpless situations, it's better to seek tranquility within oneself. Distractions can help us think through calamities and reveal how catastrophizing harms our most vulnerable parts. No matter how perplexing the environment, we must remain calm and not fly off the handle.


To sum up, this trip was highly impactful due to its context. It dramatically changed my outlook on life and loss. Since that day, I have started coping with life's complications with a completely transformed mindset.

Describe a Long Car Journey You Went On - Sample 2

Here’s an example of a journey with relatives and family by car.


I am fond of exploring regions beyond the reach of my thoughts. India, my country, is full of such places. Surprise trips like these intrigue my inner child. Today, I will talk about the time we went to Pushkar.

Where did you go?

It was a spontaneous road trip to Pushkar, a designated holy place situated between the two smart cities of Rajasthan—Jaipur and Ajmer. Pushkar is also a popular tourist spot, renowned for its beautiful lake. This water body is home to various organisms like fish, ducks, and occasionally herons.

Who did you go there with?

My aunt arranged this trip for me and my younger sister under extraordinary circumstances. We were accompanied by our paternal uncle and a driver.

What did you do there?

Our endeavour led us to explore the hilly areas around Ajmer. The bumpy car ride was filled with enthusiastic vendors advertising their wares. The colourful retail stores were vibrant and impressive, prompting us to hop out of the car to visit each one of them.

Explain why you went on the journey by car and how you felt about the journey

Our spontaneous trip to Pushkar taught us a lot. This journey made me fall in love with the process of traveling more than the destination itself. However, some of the sights were shocking, as we encountered numerous animals with abnormal limb growth, which made me jump out of my skin.


In conclusion, Pushkar holds a special significance for me as it's where I discovered my love for traveling. The accessibility to the rich culture and the collective atmosphere of Pushkar were the highlights of the trip. I wouldn't hesitate to say that it has become a place close to my heart.

Describe a Long Car Journey You Went On - Sample 3

Here is the another sample answer for a long car journey with college friends.


I would love to take this opportunity to narrate the story of the best trip of my life. It is still counted as one of my and my friends’ greatest achievements. Moreover, it was also my inaugural trip without my family.

Where did you go?

I set off to explore the entire Deccan Plateau with four of my closest college bosom buddies. We also planned to cover a few regions of the Western and Eastern Ghats. It was a three-week endeavor to explore the Central and Southern regions of India.

Who did you go there with?

On a regular day in college, my friends and I were addressing the monotonous routines of our lives. It was then that we scrutinized the Deccan region of India. We all matched our schedules for the coming month and organized a long car drive..

What did you do there?

Our research involved listing all the activities for our trip, and the execution of plans was exceptionally good. We enthusiastically participated in activities beyond the initial plan, from adventure sports to beach games and temple visits, ensuring a fulfilling experience throughout our journey..

Explain why you went on the journey by car and how you felt about the journey

The impetus behind this trip was our unvaried lives. Hence, we chalked out a plan to get rid of them. We all reflected on our journey together, which fortified the bond we shared. The memory is indelible, and we still feel eternal gratefulness upon meeting one another for having what we have between us.


To sum up, it was astounding how we managed everything all by ourselves upon contemplating while coming back to our home town, we noticed how often we want to do this together. Yet, life has it’s own set of plans for everyone.

Lexical Resources

Now, look at the various vocabulary for IELTS used in the samples above. The highlighted words are explained in the table below:

Nightlong Lasting the whole night
Infamous having a reputation of the worst kind
Desolate (used about a place) empty in a way that seems very sad
Maternal related through your mother’s side of the family
Sorrowful a sad feeling, especially when it involves grief or loss.
Prick to make a small hole in something or to cause somebody pain with a sharp point
Despair Utter loss of hope and a cry of despair
Wandering to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction
delectable highly pleasing and delightful
Obscure not easy to see or understand
Light Bulb Moment a moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration.
Tranquility a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry, etc
perceive To become aware of something through senses
Catastrophizing to imagine the worst possible outcome of an action or event
Vulnerable able to be easily physically or mentally hurt, influenced, or attacked
Fly off the handle To lose control over one’s emotions.
Impactful leaving a great impact or effect
outlook A person’s way of understanding and thinking about something
dramatically In a very sudden and noticeable way
coping To deal with and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties
In its entirety as a whole
Spontaneous done or happening suddenly
Designated to give something a name to show that it has a particular purpose
Extra ordinary not what you would expect in a particular situation; very strange
Circumstance the facts and events that affect what happens in a particular situation
Accompanied to go together with somebody/something
Enthusiastic full of excitement and interest in something
Wares goods offered for sale
Impressive Causing a feeling of admiration and respect because of importance, size, quality, etc
jump out of the skin. If you jump out of your skin, you are extremely surprised or shocked
Conscience the part of your mind tells you if what you are doing is right or wrong
Accessibility ability to access
Inaugural marking a beginning
Bosom Buddies a close or intimate friend
Endeavour to attempt
Monotonous never changing and therefore boring
Scrutinized to examine something very carefully
Itemizing to set down in detail or by particulars
Exceptionally something much greater than usual
Execution the process of enforcing something or putting plans to action
Untroubled without trouble or discomfort
Impetus Something that encourages something else to happen
Unvaried Not varied or diverse
Chalked out to outline or make a plan
Fortified to make something stronger
Indelible that cannot be removed or washed out
Astounding Causing somebody to feel extremely surprised
Contemplating to spend time considering a possible future action or to consider one particular thing for a long time in a serious and quiet way.

These are the words used in the three sample answers above and their respective meanings. In addition, this blog also gives you follow up questions to prepare from for the IELTS speaking section.

Follow Up Questions

Take a look at the following follow up questions as the questioner might ask these to mark you in IELTS speaking part 2.

  • Did you face any difficulties in your journey?
  • How do you think long car journeys alone are different from those with an acquaintance?
  • Why do people prefer having private cars despite having good public transport facilities?

Tips to Excel in IELTS Cue Card

In the cue card round, you are expected to showcase your ability to speak in fluent English. Moreover, they also expect you to form rational sentences. Take a look at a few tips below that will help you achieve the same:

  1. Get the gist of the question and try to rephrase it in your native language so answering it becomes easier.
  2. Speak at a normal speed and don’t decrease or increase your speed too often.
  3. Try to bring in the details of your answer in your speech.
  4. Learn a new words everyday and use phrases and idioms more often.
  5. Record and practice by yourself to identify where you lack.

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