Describe an Unusual Meal That You Had - IELTS Cue Card

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Describe an Unusual Meal That You Had - IELTS Cue Card

The IELTS test covers all the skills in 4 primary components that the person needs to excel in learning the English language. These include listening, reading, writing and speaking skill tests. Out of these sections, one component is the IELTS speaking section. This skill exam is conducted within 11-14 minutes. There are three sub-sections of this skill test. Each sub-section has different time limits. In this blog, you will learn about a sample topic for cue cards for part 2 of the speaking section: describe an unusual meal that you had, along with some follow-up questions and additional tips.

iets cue card topics with answer pdf

Introduction to IELTS Cue Cards

The IELTS speaking skill test is classified into three primary tasks. The cue card is the next task right after introduce yourself, which is very challenging. This requires the applicant to talk about the given topic for around 2 minutes, followed by a series of questions related to the same topic. Thus, the IELTS cue card tests your ability to speak fluently on a random topic and express your views. So, after having a brief of the task, read ahead to explore how you can answer the topic given on the cue card to ace the IELTS speaking part 2 smoothly.

How to Answer the Cue Card?

Since you now know what are the IELTS cue cards, you must answer it thoughtfully. The examiner provides you a minute to think wisely about the given topic in the card. Thus, before answering the question for the second task of the IELTS speaking section, understand the demands of the topic and carefully write down the key pointers, along with some similar ideas that can help frame a structure for your answer.

The key pointers to prepare for the topic, Describe an unusual meal that you had, are as follows:

  • When did you eat it?
  • Where did you eat it?
  • With whom you had the meal?
  • Why do you think it was unusual?

The image below represents how an actual cue card will look like for part 2 of the IELTS speaking skill test:

How Your Cue Card Will Look Like?

Before moving further, you must make sure to provide the examiner with a clarified and sophisticated response to describe the topic given in the cue card. The samples below will help you learn the grammar, fluency and vocabulary for IELTS, which is a must to excel in this section. Also, these samples will help you to learn the structure of the answer.

Describe an unusual meal that you had - Sample 1

Read sample 1 to understand how to answer the questions for "Describe an unusual meal that you had". You can apply the following structure to frame your answer to the question in the IELTS speaking part 2.


Reflecting back on my culinary adventures, one remarkable dining event stands out clearly within an array of culinary interactions. It was an unusual meal that occurred some years ago and has left a lasting impression on my memory. This solitary encounter transcended the simple act of eating, developing a riveting narrative that left an unforgettable impression on both my palate and brain.

When Did You Eat It?

This remarkable meal occurred six years ago during the vibrant Durga Puja festival night, where I was accompanied by my relatives, creating a memorable culinary experience.

Where Did You Eat It?

I had the pleasure of experiencing the unusual meal occurred around six years ago. It happened during the vibrant celebrations of Durga Puja, a beloved cultural event in my community. On this momentous night, I found myself in the joyful company of my dear family, laying the groundwork for a gastronomic excursion unlike any other. 

With Whom You Had the Meal?

I was accompanied by a close relative, and our shared love for culinary adventures deepened our connection. The Durga Puja festival provided the perfect occasion for us to reunite, and we seized the opportunity to indulge in an array of exotic dishes, our table adorned with culinary treasures waiting to be savoured.

Why Do You Think It Was Unusual?

The meal stood out for its unconventionality. It encompassed an unusual combination of tastes and ingredients that deviated from usual. Each meal has a unique twist, blending classic components with modern ways. The blend of flavours and approaches, together with the unusual environment, made the dining experience genuinely unique and unforgettable.


Overall, this meal was unusual due to its medley of the perfect flavours, presentation, and ambience. It was a truly memorable experience that I will never forget.

It was a great opportunity to get together with my relatives and try something new. I'm grateful to have had such an exceptional meal.

Describe an unusual meal that you had - Sample 2

Moving forward, you will learn about an alternative structure for framing an answer for the cue card in the IELTS speaking section. Read the sample 2 given below.


Being a food enthusiast, I had many unique cuisines to date. But that one experience where I had an unusual meal in my life occurred during last summer vacation. The cuisine was such a blast that it left an indelible impression on my mind.

When Did You Eat It?

In the last summer holidays, I had one of the most amazing meals of my life. It was a striking experience, which made it unforgettable. We embarked on this culinary adventure on a hot summer evening.

Where Did You Eat It?

While travelling, we stumbled upon a small, prominent diner a little away from a bustling part of the city. Its unpretentious exterior matched its alluring aroma, which attracted us towards it. We had the best cuisine of our lifetime. The hot air made us crave something that would be cool and comforting for us.

With Whom You Had the Meal?

I was with my food-enthusiastic fellow mates, who always urged me to have some kind of unique dining adventures. So, trying something out of the ordinary was right up our alley.

Why Do You Think It Was Unusual?

That meal we had there stands out due to its unconventional blend of flavours. At first, I wondered whether the cuisine would be satisfactory or not. But with the first bite, I was mesmerized by the taste of the food. I can never forget the flavour and aroma of that cuisine. This made it the most splendid meal I ever had in my life. It cannot be superseded by anything else in my heart.


That unusual meal not only satisfied our hunger but also scintillated our curiosity and sense of culinary venture. It oriented me to keep an open mind for the cuisine since you never know when you will stumble upon a hidden gem that will challenge your taste buds in the best potential ways.

Describe an unusual meal that you had - Sample 3

As you dive into the in-depth ideas on how to respond to the cue card questions in the IELTS speaking part 2, you must go through sample 3 below to know more about the framework for the answer.


Being a food enthusiast, I have always had a fondness towards good food. Moreover, I am always exploring different cuisine to titillate my taste buds. Therefore, I have had both horrible and great experiences while food tasting. Furthermore, I never forget a good meal. 

When Did You Eat It?

It was during my last summer holidays that I had this experience when I signed up for a local food tour. I am grateful that that I had embarked on this culinary experience and trust me it was open the best decision I made.

Where Did You Eat It?

The restaurant was named "Vamos"; I think in Spanish it means let's go !!! They serve authentic Mexican cuisine; by that, I mean big nacho chips, fresh salsa with guacamole, and burrito bowls dripping with flavour and cheese. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting South America.

With Whom You Had This Meal?

Travelling to South America was a great option with friends as it has beaches for relaxation and margaritas to party. My friends were aware of how much I like to explore dishes and probably even rate them. They lured me for this trip by sending me a brochure of their local food tour which lasted almost 8 to 10 hours. 

Why Do You Think It Was Unusual?

 The entire restaurant stood out due to its unconventional smell of flavours. At first, I wondered whether the cuisine would be satisfactory or not. However, the nachos won my heart. I know it's a simple starter, but just talking about them makes my mouth water. This was followed by a big burrito bowl, which had rice, beans, and tomatoes; everything stood out individually as well as together. I was mesmerized by the taste of it. The meal did not end there; it was followed by a mouth-watering dessert named flan.


This three-course meal not only satisfied my hunger but also scintillated our curiosity and sense of culinary venture. It is truly said though some meals can be a simple "piece of cake", they can leave lasting impressions. To conclude, it was truly a remarkable experience, and I am waiting to challenge my taste buds again so that I stumble upon such a meal. 

As you learn various ways to frame an answer for the cue card question through the mentioned samples. You must also learn the meaning of the terms and phrases used in these samples.

Lexical Resources

In the table below, you will come across the meaning of the terms, vocabulary, and idioms used for the IELTS speaking test to help you better understand.

Lexical Resources Explanation


Impossible to eliminate, forget, or change


Worthy of notice or attention


of, relating to, or used in cooking or the kitchen


Regular order or arrangement or series


Grand; superb, as beauty


A style or quality of cooking; cookery


Strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance


Alone, without companions, unattended


To rise above or go beyond, overpass, exceed


Fully sufficient or more than adequate for the purpose or needs


A mixture, especially of heterogeneous elements; hodgepodge; jumble


The mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment


Forming an exception or rare instance


Attractive, impressive

Food enthusiast

A person who has a keen interest in food, and who eats food not only out of hunger but also as a hobby.

Out of the Ordinary

Unusual, uncommon, exceptional


Leading, important, or well-known


Not pretentious; modest; without ostentatious display; plain


Very attractive or tempting


To board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, for a journey


Not bound by or conforming to convention, rule, or precedent



Stumble Upon

To discover something unexpected


To sparkle; flash


Not disputable or deniable; uncontestable


A person who travels and explores a lot

Drop of a Hat

To do it immediately without hesitating


Eminent above or before others; superior; surpassing

Bolt Out of the Blue

Completely unexpected and very surprising


To provide (a food) with something that adds flavor, decorative color, etc.


A hemispherical portion of food as dished out by such a utensil

Cloud Nine

A state of perfect happiness


The quality or state of being tranquil, calm, peacefulness, quiet, serenity


A place in which a person resides, residence, dwelling, habitation, home

Electrifying Venture

An experience full of excitement


the sense of taste


Stimulating, exciting, vivid


Of great or far-reaching importance or consequence


Foundation or basis

Gastronomic Excursion

The exploration of food as the purpose of a short trip


taken hold, possession, or control of, as by force or legal authority, confiscated, captured, or appropriated


To yield to an inclination or desire; allow oneself to follow one's will


Decorated or beautified, made more pleasing, impressive, etc.


The quality in a substance that is perceived by the sense of taste or smell


Disregard for convention; the state or quality of being inconsistent with customs, rules, etc.


In a way that is real or true; authentically, honestly, or sincerely


To be in the process of perishing or suffering severely from hunger.


To give audible expression to; speak or pronounce


Having a liking or affection for


To familiarize (a person) with new surroundings or circumstances, or the like


Serving to set in motion or initiate


An unknown, remote, or nonexistent place or region


Having the attention completely absorbed; fascinated, captivated, or spellbound

As you learn about the lexical resources and structure of the sample answers, you must know some commonly asked follow-up questions for the speaking test. 

Follow-up Questions

In this section, you will learn about the follow-up questions. These are the questions asked by the examiner in response to your answers to the cue card. These questions are as follows:

  • What Were the Specific Ingredients Used in the Carrot Pudding?
  • Do You Think Having Dinner at Home Is the Best Idea?
  • What Do You Think Are the Benefits of Having Dinner Together?
  • Describe the Environment of the Restaurant You Went to in Kullu.

Tips to Excel in IELTS Cue Card

In this section, you will learn how to improve your answer for the cue card in the IELTS speaking test.   

  • Read the given task on the cue card carefully and understand the demand of the same.
  • Note all the crucial pointers you want to include in your answer.
  • Plan your answer according to the need of the question and your key pointers.
  • Use the given prompts on the cue card in your answer.
  • Use accurate vocabulary while answering the cue card question because 25% of the marking is on the basis of this criterion.
  • Do not memorize answers from the samples for practice.
  • Avoid using big and unfamiliar words.
  • Maintain your accuracy in grammar while responding.
  • Also, try to use a range of grammatical structures, such as complex and simple sentences and make the answer easy to understand.
  • Practice speaking English with your fellows and teachers more.
  • Fluency and coherence are the primary points that help you excel in the test. So try to become fluent in the language.
  • Improve your pronunciation in the English language.
  • Avoid using fillers such as umm..., ahh..., well, etc.
  • Do not respond in a flat sound or a monotone.
  • Keep a smile on your face while answering the question. It helps to calm your nerves, making it easier to pronounce words correctly. 

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In this blog, you learn about the various structures in which you can frame answers for the cue card within the given time. The samples show some of the crucial lexical resources that may be helpful in your actual IELTS speaking section. You also learn about various follow-up questions that an examiner may ask based on your response. Here, you came across diverse tips that can aid in excelling in the IELTS speaking test. Moreover, to help you better with these pointers, online IELTS classes may assist in providing better guidance for this section.

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