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Top 9 Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada for Students.

In this blog, you can know about the top fully funded scholarship in Canada for International students by Gradding experts. Also, you can know the roles, types, and process to get scholarships.

Students who desire to study in Canada must have the knowledge to execute their dream. It can not complete without doing hard work. Although, some of them also have to struggle to manage funds to accomplish the goal of studying abroad. In this case, students can find a fully funded scholarship in Canada to ease the journey, which becomes complex due to fewer funds. This financial aid can help scholars ease the path to achieving the goal of studying in Canada.

Knowledge about the different scholarships is essential for scholars who want to study in Canada. It can be valuable for them not to face issues related to funds. To make the process effortless, this blog help in providing knowledge for role, types, process, and list of fully funded scholarships in Canada.

What Is a Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students in Canada? 

A fully funded scholarship is where scholars can cover all expenses involving tuition fees, stipends, food, health insurance, other academic fees, and accommodation. It can be valuable for learners to achieve their dream without facing such problems to study in Canada with scholarship. So basically, fully funded scholarships mean that one covers the entire education expenses of International students. 

After understanding the basics of fully funded scholarship, the next step is to learn about the role of financial aid for scholars to study in Canada from the below section. 

What Is the Role of Scholarships for Studying in Canada?

The dream of many students to study in Canada may not complete due to the high cost of living and fees. In that case, seeking scholarships to study in Canada to make the dream come true is crucial for scholars. That is why the role of financial aid is vital for learners to study in Canada. There are various Canadian universities that offer different financial aid for students. Also, they provide quality education which attracts a number of students. To know the significant role of Canada scholarship for international students, read the below section.

  • Scholarships are non-repayable financial aid that students can avail to grasp the better quality of education in Canada.
  • It can be valuable for students to leave the worries of financial expenses and help achieve better prospects after completion of the degree. 
  • Students with excellent academic records can easily secure one fully funded scholarship. 
  • Scholarships also play a positive role in the growth of students by helping them acquire the degree which provides them with learning to enhance their abilities and skills.
  • These are the crucial role that scholarships play in the life of the student. It gives a chance to them get out of their comfort zone and achieve better job possibilities. 

Now that you understand the role of fully funded scholarship for international students, the next thing to know about is the types of financial aid from the below section. 

Types of Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

There are various types of scholarships to study in Canada aspirants to help them ease their journey. It can be valuable for those students who face issues in executing this goal. Also, scholars who desire to avail of financial aid should start preparation in advance. So, when they begin preparation, it is crucial for them to know the fully funded scholarships for international students types. Doing this can be valuable to avail the most suitable financial aid to achieve the dream. Know the different kinds of scholarships from the below pointers.

Government Funded

There are several scholarships available that are provided by the government, whether in the home country or Canada. It can be valuable for scholars to take help from government financial help to avail the undergraduate or fully funded masters scholarship. 

Non Government Funded

Apart from the government scholarships, there are various options offered by the non government as charities and organizations for specific programs and universities. Scholars should clear things and doubts and prepare before the last moment to secure one scholarship.

Institutional Specific 

Another type of scholarship students can avail of is the one offered by specific universities and colleges. Scholars with better academic scores can get admission to such suitable courses whether they want fully funded scholarships for undergraduate international students or the master's program.

These are the three kinds of fully funded scholarships for students in Canada. It is beneficial for them to take help from our experts to ease the journey to get financial aid. Doing this can be fruitful for not facing the issues and remembering the vital dates to apply. 

Now, after knowing the types of fully funded scholarships for international students, it is vital to read the top financial aid available for scholars to study in Canada from the below section. 

List of Top 9 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Fully funded scholarships are a solution for multiple students who want to study in Canada. It can be critical for them to ensure their journey to study abroad without facing money issues. For most scholars, the path to conducting higher education from the desired university and course can not be painless. The reason behind that is the expensive cost of living and fees which leads them to search for the list of fully funded scholarships for International students. Doing this can be valuable in finding the data on top financial aid provided by different organizations. To know the top ones, read the below pointers.

1. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

It is one of the best scholarships for students who want to study abroad in Canada. This scholarship offer by the University of British Columbia. Apart from this, this award is given to the learners who achieved excellence in academics. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is the given below;

International students with a Canadian permit can apply for this fully funded scholarship in Canada. One must complete their schooling from a reputed institute with excellent academic record. UBC Scholarship can fund up to 25,000 CAD to students. 

2. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

This scholarship offers to undergraduate, post graduates and PhD scholars every year. Also, this fellowship provide two kinds of programs to undergraduate students containing entrance and academic excellence. In addition, this university offer fully funded scholarships in Canada of worth $2 Million for post graduates. 

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship is minimum 3 GPA score and the applicant must enroll for the full-time program. This scholarship also funds tuition fees for up to 5 years. For the masters degree, students can avail the fellowship of worth 28,000 CAD and 72,000 for the doctoral program. 

3. Mccall MacBain Scholarships 

Mccall MacBin financial aid is offered by McGill University for students to study in Canada with scholarship. It can be fruitful for such scholars to get fully funded funds to pursue their professional degree programs. Also, this is an excellent option for bright students to achieve the extra benefits by availing of this scholarship.

Students can apply for this application online with two letters of recommendation. They should be eligible if they passed out from a reputed institute to pursue an education at a Canadian university. Apart from this, students can get funds to cover all their expenses by availing these scholarships to study in Canada. 

4. Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

This scholarship offers to International students from all over the world. It can be valuable for scholars who want to pursue courses for UG, PG or even PhD. Also, this scholarship offers the entire tuition fees covered in the fellowship program. It can be valuable for learners to avail of this financial aid to achieve the dream of studying abroad. 

The eligibility criteria for the Canadian francophonie funds, whether for UG or fully funded masters scholarship is solely international students. Apart from all, scholars can avail the fellowships up to 27,300 CAD per year. 

5. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship

Pierre Elliott Trudeau provides different types of financial aid for students to study in Canada. It can be valuable for scholars to secure help in between multiple scholarships and fellowships. Also, this financial aid is provided at various famous universities in Canada. 

To be eligible for this fully funded scholarship for international students, you must take admission for a full time course in Doctoral studies. Also, scholars with a valid Canadian PR give priority to this. Apart from all, learners can avail a maximum of 20,000 CAD from this program.

6. University of Waterloo Scholarship

The University of Waterloo is known for offering the best scholarships for enthusiastic students who want to pursue a career in Canada. Another benefit of this financial aid is scholars do not have to submit any application instead of rare cases. Also, this scholarship is an offer by the top known institute in Canada. It can be an excellent option for those who want to pursue a course at the University of Waterloo. 

Students who passed undergraduate with a minimum of 90% of marks are eligible for availing of the University of Waterloo scholarship. It can be valuable for scholars who want to apply for maths and Computer science programs. The maximum value of this Canada scholarship for international students is up to 10,000 CAD. 

7. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Programme

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for scholars who have a better academic record. So, this financial aid is solely merit-based. International scholars can apply for these grants. Also, having better past records can give students a competitive edge to avail of the scholarship. 

The eligibility criteria for this program are students must graduate with a master's and apply for the PhD. With it, scholars have to enrol in the full time course to avail fully funded scholarships for international students. The maximum value for this program is worth up to 10,000 to 15,000 CAD.

8. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is named after the first Governor-general of Canada and this is especially for the doctoral students. Apart from this, scholars who enrol in combined master's degrees can avail of this financial aid. The learners who apply for part time courses can also get equal funding as the full-time candidates. 

International students who apply for the doctoral program can apply for this fully funded scholarship in Canada. Scholars must have first-class degrees in UG and PG. Apart from this learners who enroll in humanities, health sciences, and engineering give preference. Also, students can avail up to a maximum of 50,000 CAD. 

9. University of Alberta Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students who want to pursue their career in master's and PhD degrees in Canada. It can be valuable for scholars to achieve higher education from the desired top institute. Also, learners have to apply for the scholarship at the time of admission as this is an entrance level fellowship. 

Students have to enrol for the full time course to apply for the University of Alberta scholarship. An average of 80% marks scholars can avail of these financial funds. Learners can get up to 9,000 CAD by securing this fund. 

These are the top fully funded scholarships in Canada for International students. It can be valuable to understand them and apply at the right time. So students can choose to prepare already when they dream to study abroad to apply for a scholarship and secure one.

Getting one scholarship can be valuable for scholars to pursue a career in Canada. However, they do not know how to get the fully funded scholarships. It can be fruitful for them to read the below section to ease the financial aid process. 

How to Get Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students?

“How can I get a scholarship to study in Canada?” is the most popular query of aspirants who want to pursue higher education in Canada. It can be fruitful for them to understand the upcoming tips to resolve this query. Following them can be vital for securing financial aid and easing the journey to get admission to the desired institute in Canada. Read the mentioned tips to know “How can I get a scholarship to study in Canada?”

  • Students should perform in-depth research on the different types of scholarships offered to International students. Doing this will be helpful to get knowledge of the various new financial aid. 
  • According to the need and interests of students, they can choose the most suitable scholarships to apply for. 
  • Scholars should organize all the required documents to secure fully funded scholarships in Canada.
  • It can be valuable for scholars to reach out to professors to give a recommendation letter and help to secure admission and funds. 
  • Students should prepare a better and strong CV to gain a competitive edge over other scholars. 
  • Most importantly, students should apply for multiple scholarships to increase their chances of securing one fully funded scholarship. 
  • While filling out the application form, students should be careful in filling out the information. They should recheck the data at least two times to be on the safer side. Doing this will be valuable to secure the desired scholarship, college and course. 

If you are still confused about whether to apply for which scholarship, getting the help of can be valuable to secure the interested financial aid. Also, they can ease the journey and not face struggles in it. Read the below section to know how we can help scholars secure scholarships.

Secure Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada with Gradding Consultants

The number of students who desire to study in Canada is increasing yearly. The process is becoming smoother than ever, and multiple career opportunities are rising that the prime reason why scholars prefer to study in Canada. Although, many of them still compromise with their dream due to the complex process, and money problems are one of them. However, taking our help can be fruitful for scholars to secure the most suitable fully funded scholarship in Canada to ease the journey. It can be valuable for scholars to not take tension of anything by taking help from us. We also support learners throughout the process so the scholars can enjoy their journey. Doing this can be valuable to secure the scholarship and admission to the dream university. 


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