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How To Obtain a CAS Letter For Studies in UK?

If you are an international student wishing to get a degree from a UK university, you need a CAS. The CAS full form in UK is Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. It is a crucial document for foreign students applying to UK universities. Students receive a letter from the university that functions as evidence of their acceptance into a certain program. Non-European students who wish to stay in the country for more than six months must provide a CAS letter.  

What Is a CAS Letter?

The CAS letter full form stands for confirmation of acceptance for studies. It functions as evidence of students' acceptance. The universities issue this letter before you submit your application for a Tier 4 student visa. The reason is that the student visa is provided once a student has accepted an offer and paid the fees. However, every university has a different processing fee for the UK CAS letter.


Why Is a CAS Letter Important?

The CAS letter, a document of utmost importance, is a key requirement for foreign students enrolling in UK universities. It is considered as a formal acceptance of the admission. To obtain a student visa, one can either apply independently or request the university to provide the CAS letter, which is then used in the visa application process.
It is an electronically generated document that is required for the Visa and immigration process. It acts as proof and verifies that the student has genuine reasons for going to the country.

How to Secure a CAS Letter from a UK University?

To get a CAS letter from your desired university, you must know how and when to apply. You can either apply it on your own or even request the university. There are certain steps that one needs to follow to obtain a CAS letter from a UK university. Mentioned below is the procedure to be followed for the same.

Step 1: Apply to the desired CAS full form for universities by filling out the application form and paying the fees.

Step 2: Once you've met all the criteria, the university will acknowledge your potential by releasing an offer letter. This is a significant milestone in your journey towards obtaining a CAS letter.

Step 3: To proceed with the CAS letter, you'll need to provide some personal information, such as your name and course duration. Rest assured, this information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and is only used for the purpose of your application.

Step 4: Applicants are asked to provide proof of finances available to sponsor their study journey.

After following all these steps, the university will provide the CAS to the candidate.

Documents Required to Apply for CAS Letter

Documents Required for CAS Letter

Although there are no separate eligibility criteria to get a CAS letter, there are certain proofs that students need to submit. Moreover, it can only be issued when all the required documents are submitted. Are you wondering what documents required for CAS letter in the UK? Here is a list of what is needed to issue a CAS:

  • Financial Evidence: Financial documents such as bank statements and other records are to be submitted. It shows that the student has an adequate amount to complete their education. However, if the applicant applies for the loan, then the loan statements must be submitted to the authorities.

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  • Unconditional Offer: Students receive an offer from a UK university. However, to accept it, they have to pay a certain amount. The CAS fees may vary from one university to another depending on the specific criteria.
  • Academic Records: The candidate's previous academic records and mark sheets must be submitted. Other documents, such as statements of purpose and letters of recommendation, are also required. These records verify the applicant's academic history.
  • Proof of language skill: Universities require scores on English language skill tests, such as IELTS and PTE. These exams are a mandatory part of the application process for foreign students.

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However, you must provide all your records and documents to receive an offer letter. This will clarify all the CAS letter UK requirements, and you will be able to get admission to a UK university.

Universities That Issue a CAS Letter

There are various universities for students to study in UK that provide a CAS letter to students. However, a certain amount must be paid to the university to get the confirmation. Here is a list of universities with their CAS fees.

University Name Amount
University of Sussex £2000
University of Bristol £2000
University of London £3000
Keele University £4000
University of Liverpool £1000
Cranfield University £1000
University of East Anglia £2000
University of Hull £2000
University of Essex £1000
Birmingham University £4000

Now, let us look at the format and sample of the confirmation of acceptance for studies.

Understanding the Format and Sample of the CAS Letter

The CAS letter UK has all the details, such as the name of the university, course, duration of the program, and a unique CAS number, for each candidate. It is a document that records all the details that the authorities need from students.

Format of CAS

Wondering what is CAS letter UK is and what it looks like? The CAS does not have a standard physical format because it is a virtual document. It is a digital document issued by UK universities to foreign students. However, the details it contains are arranged according to the guidelines set by the UK visa and immigration. Here's a general outline of what a typical CAS consists of:

  • Unique CAS Reference Number
  • Students' Personal Information
  • Course and Program Details
  • Language Proficiency Scores
  • Fees and Sponsorship

Sample for CAS Letter

Sample of CAS

However, the procedure for obtaining a CAS letter varies from university to university. Here's a CAS letter UK sample that might give you a clear idea of what it looks like:

The CAS is an important document to get a visa and to study in the UK. Hence, there are various things to keep in mind to avoid any delays in the process.

How to Avoid Delay in Getting the CAS Letter?

Since it is a very crucial document and is essential for admissions in UK universities, it should be applied on a priority basis. To avoid postponing the CAS for UK, the applicants must take care of two major things:

  • Financial Documents: It's crucial that the financial documents, such as statements and balances, are recent and authentic. Outdated or manipulated documents can lead to delays in the CAS letter release or even the cancellation of the CAS application by the university, which is a risk that should be avoided at all costs.
  • Punctuality: Submitting all the required documents in a timely manner is a key strategy to avoid CAS delays. Procrastination is not the way to go. Starting the application process as early as possible is highly recommended. As soon as the CAS window opens, it's time to get the ball rolling.

It isn't the CAS letter that is much of a task rather, it is the time that the process requires to get it done. Let us look at the application process to get the confirmation letter from UK universities.


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Application Process for CAS

To apply for the CAS, the student must know when the university takes admissions. How does the application process take place? The candidate must start applying when the university sends a unique CAS number to each individual. Moreover, one should follow the following steps to avoid any errors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for CAS

Although different universities have diverse processes for CAS, many universities give the CAS after the candidate accepts the offer. Moreover, universities contact the visa and immigration services on behalf of the student and get a CAS number. Here are some steps to obtain a CAS letter.

Step 1: OSIS Portal

Universities require students to upload documents via the Online Student Information System. The student must log in to the portal and put in all the details, such as:

  • If there is any pending application for the visa and immigration service
  • A scanned copy of the UK visa refusal, if any.
  • Details of how the student will finance their studies (scholarships or government-funded) along with the bank statements.

Step 2: Approval of Draft

The candidate will send the CAS's rough draft to the concerned authorities. Once that is done, they will receive an email verifying the details of the draft. Besides, it is advisable to thoroughly check the draft before sending it further.

Step 3: Receiving the CAS Letter

Lastly, after the draft is approved and the details verified, the student receives the CAS letter via email. They may then apply for a student visa and study abroad at their dream university. Following these steps will help you obtain a CAS letter.

Validity of CAS

To apply for a CAS letter, there are various requirements that the candidates need to meet. Moreover, it is valid for six months only.
Besides, submitting the following documents is essential for verification:

  • Academic records
  • Valid documents
  • Updated passport

What Is a Combined CAS Number?

The combined CAS number is a 14-digit long and unique number given to students. It is used as a reference for Visas and Immigration in the UK to confirm that the student has genuine study plans. The number stores all the details on secure databases that are accessible to the university and the authorities. This information is accessed during visa applications to cross-verify.


To sum up, students from all over the globe wish to get a degree from the UK. Further, to get into UK universities, applying for the CAS letter is essential. It refers to the confirmation of acceptance for studies. Besides, there are ample documents required for the CAS letter. Academic records, financial statements, language proficiency scores and more. The CAS is particularly referred by visa and immigration authorities.


1)What Is a CAS Letter UK?

The CAS letter refers to the confirmation of acceptance for studies. It is a virtual document generated by universities in the UK for foreign students. The UK CAS letter is essential for the visa and immigration process. It is proof that the applicant accepting the admission has genuine study motives.

2) What Are the Chances of Getting a Visa After Obtaining the CAS Letter?

The student visa success rate in the UK is 98%. Although CAS does not guarantee a UK visa, the chances of getting one increase after the CAS letter. However, there is a very minor chance of visa refusal. Bad interviews, delays in CAS, or inadequate documents are some reasons for visa rejection.

3)How Much Time Does It Take to Get the CAS Letter?

Once the university receives all the required documents from your end, the CAS letter UK processing time is usually 7-10 working days. However, if you do not receive the CAS number within 20 days, you can reach out to the college's admission team. There may be delays during peak times as the admission teams are occupied.

4)How to Apply for a Student Visa After You Get the CAS Letter?

To apply for a student visa, the candidate must complete the application form on the UK visa and immigration services website. Further, they must pay the application fees and book an appointment for the biometric test. Moreover, one should apply within six months of getting a CAS letter. However, applying three months prior is advisable.

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