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Exploring the Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students 

You can know the cost of living in Canada for Indian students and the average expenses of studying in Canada with Gradding experts. Also, you can follow money saving tips to ease the overseas journey.

Canada is the most popular destination for students who want to study abroad. It is because the country offers diverse options and quality education to scholars. Also, scholars can get a chance to evolve personal and professional growth, which can be valuable for a better future. Although, going abroad comes with a responsibility. So they must have knowledge about the cost of living in Canada for Indian students. Doing this can be valuable for scholars to ease the process of going abroad. This destination is home to the best education system and options for immigration. 

Canada is the one of best countries for international students who want to pursue their higher education. It can be valuable for scholars to first know about the Canada living expenses for international students. With this, they can clear their mind about the expenditure which they have to manage. Read this blog to know more about the cost of living and ease the journey to learn in Canada. 

Living Expenses in Canada for International Students

World class universities, learning from top educators, numerous job options, and cultural diversity are some qualities that make Canada distinct from other nations. This destination is quite expensive, but students can get an experience that will be worth every penny. So this is the first choice of learners to pursue higher education. However, having knowledge of living expenses in Canada is crucial for students. In this case, they can read the below things to know the overall costs that scholars should take into mind to ease the journey.

1. Cost of Accommodation

The first thing students should know is the accommodation cost when discussing living expenses. It can be valuable for scholars to know Canada living cost per month to get an idea of the overall cost. Although, the cost of housing varies depending on the type chosen by students. Some options for accommodation are mentioned below. 

Students Residence 

Most Canadian colleges and institutes provide residence options for students. For this option, scholars get dormitories and townhouses to live in. In both choices, learners get into a house bed with a specific cafeteria for regular meals. Apart from this, these options also include utilities such as water, hot water for baths, and internet at lower price ranges.

Shared Apartments

Another option students can go for accommodation is a shared apartment for living. This type of housing can transmit with one, two or three people. It can be valuable for budget friendly living cost in Canada for international students. Learners get a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living area in this type of living. 

Rental Apartments

Students who do not feel comfortable in the shared apartments can go for independent flats as per their expenses. There are two kinds of rental housing available that is furnished and unfurnished. Also, a bonus tip for students is to check the various housing options before choosing one. In addition, they should check the online reviews before finalizing one. 

The average Canada rent per month for students for all these three options is below listed in the table. 

Student Residence

Shared Apartments

Rental Apartments

300 CAD - 600 CAD

400 CAD - 800 CAD

500 CAD- 900 CAD

It is the price list of the accommodation cost for students. Another thing to know about the sum of living in Canada is the travel expenses mentioned below. 

2. Transportation in Canada 

Students who want to study in Canada and want budget friendly monthly living expenditures can go for public transportation. Public travel is well connected and safe in Canada for students. It is the best way to cut down expenses for Indian students. Indeed, if a scholar lives near the college, then they can save money, which takes travel. Also, they can rely on the option of cycling to deduct some costs from monthly payments. Apart from these, students can avail of some discounts while considering public transportation. The average monthly expenses in Canada vary from 100-200 CAD. 

3. Food

Another crucial thing for students is to know about the expenses of food. It is because having knowledge of the food cost for a month help scholars to manage the expenses. So it can be valuable for scholars to check the expenditure to ease living. The average cost of living in Canada for international students for food is 200 CAD to 300 CAD. However, it solely depends on the different requirements of students. It includes the cost of milk, rice, water, food, and other essentials.

4. Health Insurance 

One more vital aspect students have to remember is health insurance when they want to know about living expenses in Canada for Indian students. There are various providers which offer scholarships for free or some premium. In case, scholars can not find the options of regional, they have to purchase from private ones. The average cost of health insurance varies from 50 CAD to 80 CAD. Knowing this can be valuable for managing the sum of living cost in Canada for international students


Average Cost Per Month in Canada


300 CAD - 900 CAD


200 CAD - 300 CAD


100 CAD - 200 CAD

Health Insurance

30 CAD - 80 CAD


400 CAD - 800 CAD

These are the vital things that students should include in the living expenses and manage the monthly cost of living. Now, it can be valuable for scholars to know about the average cost of living for international students in different cities of Canada from the upcoming section. 

Average Cost of Living in Different Cities in Canada for International Students

Canada can be expensive for International students for studies due to living expenses. However, scholars can make the expenditure in control and avail of scholarships to ease the journey to study abroad. Also, knowing the various cities' average cost of living in Canada for international students is a helpful factor to consider in the institute. It can be valuable for scholars to keep in mind the living expenses when they choose a college for higher education. Although, finding information can be challenging for them. To ease the journey of scholars, the below listed table of different cities' living expenses can be valuable. 


Average Cost of Living


20,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD


15,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD


12,000 CAD to 17,000 CAD


10,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD


15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD


10,000 CAD to 15,000 CAD


15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD

After knowing the living expenses in Canada for international students, it can be valuable for scholars to consider the city and institute. Doing this will be helpful for learners to make an economic choice. In this average cost of living, the largest contributor is tuition fees. Although, this is lower when compared to the top known universities in USA and Australia. So following the above things is valuable to know the average cost of living in Canada for Indian students.

Apart from this, there are more factors which affect the cost of living in Canada for students. Read the below section to know about the aspects. 

Major Factors Affecting Cost of Living Expenses in Canada

After one decides to study in Canada, they have to know some factors apart from the above given aspects. Having knowledge about them can be valuable to consider the most suitable institute in Canada. Read the below pointers to know the major aspects that affect the average cost of living in Canada for International students.

1. Educational Universities 

The cost of living in Canada mostly depends on the universities situated at the place. Students should choose the institute on the living expenses and city average costs. The comparison of the different places helps scholars to consider one most suitable destination. So universities also play a crucial role in the cost of living in Canada for Indian students.

2. Place (Sub Urban or City)

The cost of living for students also depends on the area. If the place is urban then the expenses are higher than the sub-urban. A bonus tip for students to manage expenditure in Canada is staying in on-campus housing. It is because this is the lowest cost option for them. Also, this choice is convenient for learners. However, it can be more suitable when students choose to study in the cities where the monthly expenses in less. 

These are the two major factors that affect the living expenses in Canada for international students. So it can be valuable for scholars to be aware of all the aspects to consider the most suitable one. Apart from this, most students who want to pursue their higher education from Canada often look for money saving tips. To ease the journey of scholars, the below section provides advice.

9 Money Saving Tips to Manage Living Expenses in Canada

When going abroad, Indian students must keep in mind that saving money can help them ease the journey. Doing this can be valuable for scholars if they know some tips. Although, most learners do not have knowledge of such things. In that case, they prefer to scroll about this on the Internet. Thus, this blog of can be helpful to know the best tips for money saving to manage the cost of living in Canada for Indian students. To understand them, read the below given pointers to save more money.

1. Make a Plan for Monthly Spending

First, students should prepare a plan for their monthly spending to ensure expenses. They should follow them for smoothly handling the cost of living. Doing this can help them build the skill of managing Canada living expenses for international students and the habit of surviving on a tight budget. This lifelong skill can help scholars for a better life. So students should push to stick to the plan and handle the living expenses effectively.

2. Choose Budget Friendly Accommodation 

Another crucial tip students can follow to save money is choosing budget friendly accommodation. Although, finding one within budget can be challenging for scholars. However, they can rely on booking in advance and look for different options to choose a suitable one within their budget. Also, this help students to make less costly living expenses in Canada. 

3. Travel Through Public Transportation

In Canada, students can rely on public conveyance to manage the cost of living smoothly. The reason behind that is the way is more effective, and scholars can get the transit smoothly. It is also safe and convenient. They should choose this option over booking a cab. In addition, students can also avail of the discount offer for learners. 

4. Apply for Scholarships

Students who have a tight budget and do not have much knowledge to manage the cost of living in Canada should apply for scholarships. Doing this can be valuable for such scholars to handle living expenses in Canada smoothly. Also, if they do not know much about financial aid, they can get help from our experts to get guidance to avail of scholarships. 

5. Find Part-Time Jobs or Paid Internships

When Indian students go abroad for studies, most of them often want to do jobs. Although, finding a job can be complicated for scholars. So they can prefer to check online platforms to ease the journey. Doing this help scholars secure one suitable job. Eventually, it can be fruitful for students to manage the cost of living effortlessly.

6. Cut Down Unnecessary Debt

Another vital thing students can take in mind to manage average monthly expenses in Canada is by cutting down the excessive debt. Scholars make various transactions without much need, which they can control to manage their finances smoothly. Following this help scholars handle the living costs smoothly without facing issues. 

7. Explore New Ways for Earning

When finding money saving tips, it is crucial for scholars to find new ways to earn in Canada. It is because managing the average rent in Canada for students with other things is challenging. Exploring new ways can help scholars to handle the expenditure smoothly. Also, doing this thing assist students to manage the additional monthly payments as well. 

8. Make Coffee on Own

Buying coffee on a daily basis can be a little costly for scholars when studying in Canada. Thus, they can prefer to make coffee by themselves. Doing this can help scholars to manage monthly expenses in Canada for students. Also, they can save more money by making meals on their own. In addition, this is a way that can be fruitful for students to eat healthily.

9. Shopping during Sales

One more crucial tip for scholars is shopping during sales. It can be valuable for them to get the best offers and purchase essential things at low prices. Also, this is helpful for scholars to handle Canada living cost per month smoothly. There are various sales held in Canada on several occasions. And students can prefer to purchase in such a period to save money. 

These are a few helpful tips for scholars to save money when studying in Canada. They can follow them to manage their living expenses without running out of money. It helps to handle the average cost of living in Canada for international students.

Now, that you understand all about living expenses in Canada, the process can be easier to pursue higher education from a suitable institute and city. If you are still confused in considering one place, getting help from consultants can be valuable for scholars. To know briefly about how we help, read the below section. 

How Gradding Consultants Help Students to Study in Canada?

Students who desire to study in Canada must have knowledge of living expenses. This help scholars find the most suitable institute and housing as per their budget. Most learners do not know about this and do struggle to make a final decision. However, we at guide students to resolve the query of the cost of living in Canada for Indian students. The experts provide personalized support to the scholars to clear all their doubts and help them throughout the journey. Also, we assist learners to make informed decisions and help in achieving the best in their careers. 

So why are you still waiting and compromising with the dream of studying abroad? Just take help from our consultants and ease the journey by making better decisions. 


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