“Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot” Cue Card


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Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot- IELTS Cue Card

The IELTS test is administered in four components- Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Unsurprisingly, test-takers find the IELTS speaking section the most daunting one. It has three parts and lasts between 11-14 minutes. The first part is an introduction where you will be asked general questions. In the second part, you will be given a cue card with a specific topic on it. After speaking, the examiner will have an extended discussion on the topic you spoke about in part 3. However, this blog covers the cue card topic “Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot” with sample answers and follow-up questions.

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Introduction to IELTS Cue Cards

A cue card is a small card containing a cue or a prompt, along with specific instructions or questions related to the given topic. Once you get the cue card, there is no chance to change it. Moreover, the examiner is not allowed to help you at this time. You will be given one minute to prepare, and then you need to speak for 1-2 minutes. This round assesses your ability to speak fluently, structure your thoughts, and use vocabulary and grammatical formations. However, the IELTS cue cards typically revolve around people, an occasion, an object, a study, or experiences. In addition, let’s have a look in the next section on how to answer the cue card.

How to Answer the Cue Card?

In the cue card section, an important point that you have to take care of is that you should mention all the points within 2 minutes. As the examiner is going to stop you right after 2 minutes and then they will proceed to part 3. During the one minute of preparation time, you should make note of your ideas and main keywords that will help you stick to the topic. Your scores are based on four criteria: Fluency, Lexical Resources, Accuracy, and Pronunciation. Moreover, by the end of IELTS speaking part 2, the examiner has a rough idea of your band score. To make you more clear, let’s look at the sample answers below for the topic “Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot.”

While answering the cue card “Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot” you must include these points that are given below.

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • What does he/she like to talk about?
  • And explain how you feel about this person.

Let us show you what your cue card will look like in your IELTS exam. See the image below for more clarity.

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As you have looked at the most likable cue card that you will get in your IELTS test. Let’s now move further in the blog and discuss the sample answers for the cue card topic “Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot.”

Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot- Sample 1

Look at the first sample answer below and learn how to frame the right sentences in your cue card section.


Some people are born with the habit of talking a lot. At the same time, some procure this habit at a later stage in their life. But here, I can think of only one person I know who likes to talk a lot.

Who is this person?

Here I am going to talk about my sister, who likes to talk a lot. She is an irresistible speaker, and she cannot sit still for even five minutes. She is liked more by our relatives as she keeps them amused whenever they visit our home. Sometimes, I have to shut her mouth in front of guests. She is a happy person and generally has a lot to say about everything under the sun.

How do you know him/her?

As I mentioned earlier, she is my sister, and she loved talking since she was a kid. She used to sit in her playhouse and have a gossip party with all her dolls. From then on, we knew that she was going to bite our ears off just by talking. Whenever we have family gatherings or social events, she consistently steals the spotlight. Her enthusiasm and natural talent for connecting with people of different backgrounds make her conversations lively.

What does he/she like to talk about?

She is a chef by profession, and she simply loves to talk about food. It can be anything related to food, such as exotic vegetables and meat, berries, and nuts, or the ingredients used to make a particular dish. She loves to describe the cooking process and the importance of garnishing. Also, she is a passionate culinary specialist, so she often describes how to present a particular dish. In addition, she gives detailed descriptions of the restaurant, the service, and the ambience of that place.

And explain how you feel about this person.

Well, she is my sister, so I love her a lot. I am her favorite person to talk to and rant about things. Her discussions with me regarding any restaurant or food inspire me and develop a sense of wanderlust within me. While some might find my sister’s excessive talking tiresome, I find her conversations engaging and enriching.


To conclude, I feel fortunate to have such an amazing sister by my side, who turns even simple conversations into delightful journeys.

Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot- Sample 2

Look at the second sample answer for your cue card that you can use in the IELTS speaking section. This will enhance your skills in how and where to use the right words.


Talking is a good habit. As by talking about problems can make one feel light as he/she gets it all out.

Who is this person?

The person I want to talk about is my friend Sarah. She is one of the most talkative person I know. Sarah is the type of person who can talk about anything. She has an incessant stream of topics to discuss, ranging from her daily life and hobbies to her opinions on various subjects. It’s quite impressive how she can keep a conversation going for hours without running out of things to say.

How do you know him/her?

I first met Sarah in College as we were both studying the same major, and we ended up in the same study group. Being around her can be quiet entertaining. She has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh with her stories and anecdotes. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious, and it’s hard not to get caught up in her excitement when she talks. However, there are times when her constant talking can be a bit overwhelming.

What does he/she like to talk about?

Sarah usually talks about a wide range of topics. She is conversant about current events, pop culture, and various hobbies. She effortlessly holds conversations about movies, music, and books, and even delves into deep philosophical discussions. Sarah’s talking for long is evident as she keeps conversations flowing and engages others also in her dialogues. Although she talks a lot, she always gets straight to the point without using redundant words. Learning with her is a joy.

And explain how you feel about this person.

I have mixed feelings about Sarah’s talkativeness. On the one hand, it is impressive to see her confident and expressive communication skills. She can captivate a room with her stories. On the other hand, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the constant talking but I find it difficult to contribute to the conversation. Although, Sarah is a great extrovert, and I’m grateful to have her as a friend.


Overall, I appreciate Sarah’s talkative nature as she brings a lot of energy and liveliness to any gathering or conversation.

Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot- Sample 3

Have a look at the third sample answer that will help you ace the cue card round in one go. It will help you to frame the sentences properly in your response.


Conversations are interesting when you're with the right company. Talking to a person who is knowledgeable with a positive mindset makes you feel motivated.

Who is this person?

I would like to talk about an individual in my group who stands out for his loquacious nature. His name is Akshay, and I have known him for the past nine years. He is very enthusiastic about discussing various topics, but his real passion lies in computers and technology. He has the incredible ability to turn the most boring events into fascinating tales.

How do you know him/her?

I first met Akshay in school and have remained best friends since then. Over the years, we have been part of the same social circles, which has allowed me to observe his communicative tendencies. From sharing his personal experiences to discussing issues related to technology, he effortlessly navigates conversations. When he talks, it seems like he is painting a picture with his words.

What does he/she like to talk about?

As I mentioned earlier, Akshay is a technological nerd. He likes to talk about computers and apps. He knows everything happening in the science world. Every time we meet, he catches me up on all the new inventions. Whether it's a tedious daily activity or a significant life event, he doesn't hesitate to share every detail with our group. However, he is also working hard on developing his app, so he likes to talk a lot about that, too.

And explain how you feel about this person.

I feel great about Akshay. His ability to talk a lot doesn't harm anyone. It helps me get a peek into the world of science, which I wouldn't have bothered about otherwise. He excels at his knowledge and skills. On the other hand, he motivates people around him and inspires others to do their best. This is the thing I love about Akshay the most. Other than Akshay, I find it challenging to connect with someone who seems more focused on their narrative and engaging in a conversation.


In essence, Akshay's penchant for talking makes the centre engaging and enriching.

Lexical Resources

To improve yourself in the speaking portion, try to learn new words that will help you ace the cue card round. Thus, this section covers the words with their meanings that will help in enhancing your vocabulary for IELTS. Let’s have a look:

Lexical Resources Meaning
Procure To get something especially after an effort
Amused Showing that you think something is funny
Irresistible Impossible to refuse
Spotlight Who receives a lot of public attention
Berries A small round fruit on particular plants
Ambience The quality of a place it seems to have
Culinary Connected with cooking or kitchens
Garnishing To decorate food with a small amount of different food
Wanderlust The wish to travel far away to different places
Rant To speak, write or shout in a loud way
Incessant Never stopping
Anecdotes A short story about someone or something
Conversant To be familiar with some facts or rules of something
Redundant Unnecessary
Philosophical Writing of Philosophy
Tales A story that is difficult to believe
Loquacious Someone who talks a lot
Tedious Boring
Penchant Liking or habit of doing something that other people might not like

The above-given list will help you to excel in the IELTS speaking part 2 or the cue card round in your exam. Now let’s have a look at some possible follow-up questions that will be asked in Part 3 of the speaking portion.

Follow-Up Questions

After you are done with your cue card, the examiner will ask you a series of follow-up questions based on your given answers. It lasts for 4-5 minutes. The candidates are required to express their opinions and engage in a deeper conversation. Let’s look at some possible follow-up questions that can be asked after your IELTS speaking part 2.

  • Do you think there are situations where talking a lot is not appropriate?
  • How do you usually respond when someone talks a lot during a conversation?
  • Do you think being a good listener is as important as being a good talker?
  • Did you ever snap at a person who talks a lot and later feels bad about it?

The above-given are some possible follow-up questions that can be asked in your IELTS exam. Now let’s have a look at some tips that will help you to excel in the IELTS cue card round.

Tips to Excel in IELTS Cue Card

In the cue card round, it is vital to frame your answers logically and in an organized manner. So to help you out, here are some tips that will be useful for you to shine in the cue card task.

  • Take a moment to brainstorm your ideas on what you want to say.
  • Enhance your language skills by learning new words, phrases, and idioms related to a wide range of topics.
  • Avoid using the same words over and over again, instead try to use a variety of vocabulary.
  • Use transitions like “first”, “next”, “moreover”, and “finally.”
  • Make eye contact and use gestures to emphasize your points.
  • Use a mix of simple and complex sentences
  • Make sure you don’t stammer and speak fluently.
  • Try to add examples that support your view.

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Final Thoughts

Finally. preparing for the IELTS speaking section, mainly the cue card round, requires the right strategies and techniques. However, this blog provides an overview of the cue card topic “Describe a Person You Know Who Likes to Talk a Lot” with their sample answers. Also, the follow-up questions and tips have been covered that will help in the IELTS speaking exam. Still, if you are facing difficulty in your preparation then take our IELTS mock test of all the sections and see what you score. Also, you can join our offline or online IELTS classes at Gradding.com

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