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Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend - IELTS Cue Card

International English Language Testing System (IELTS exam) is a language proficiency test for people who wish to work or study in an English-speaking country like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.
This test assesses the overall English skills of a person with 4 various sections. These are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The IELTS speaking section has 3 subparts. The second one of them is the cue card round. This write-up will help you learn the A-Z of IELTS cue cards with samples.

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Introduction to IELTS Cue Cards

The IELTS speaking section is meant to examine a person’s speaking skills. Moreover, the examiner will also assess how you conduct yourself while speaking. In this, you have to interact with the questioner for 3 to 4 minutes. You will get the IELTS cue cards in the form of prompts. Each one of those prompts will have a main question with 4 additional pointers.

In the IELTS speaking section, the examiner assesses you on your lexical resources. Thus, the following are the 4 pillars of vocabulary:

  1. Noun
  2. Verb
  3. Adjective
  4. Adverb

Furthermore, there are other parameters other than the lexical resources. Moving on, this blog will give you 3 sample answers for the IELTS cue card topic “Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend”. It also covers the follow-up questions and a list of IELTS vocabulary words.

How to Answer the IELTS Cue Cards?

Idioms and vocabulary are two crucial components to clear the IELTS speaking section with the 8-band score. You have to use them naturally and more fluently. When the IELTS speaking part 2 begins, you will see a prompt. This prompt will have the topic you need to answer. Here is a list of questions you need to answer in a cue card with the topic “Describe something you taught to your friend”.

  • What Did You Teach Him/Her?
  • When Was It?
  • How Long Was It For?
  • Explain How You Felt About It

Here’s the sample IELTS cue card for your reference:

Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend - Sample 1

This is sample 1 for the Cue card topic “Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend”. You can use this example to inspire your answers in the actual exam.

What Did You Teach Him/Her?

During a casual talk on a Friday evening, my friend stated her desire to study philosophy and delve into the teachings of famous philosophers. Intrigued by her inquiry, I enthusiastically provided thoughts on some of my favorite philosophers, initiating an intriguing discussion. I subsequently suggested some notable books, articles, and sermons written by famous historical personalities. My objective was to extend her intellectual boundaries and instill a desire for future exploration.

When Was It?

It happened during the stressful period of my final semester examinations last year. Despite the flurry of academic obligations, the timing stands out vividly in my memory. My friend's frequent apologies for unwittingly diverting me from my studies acted as a poignant reminder of our conversation's timing.

How Long Was it For?

Our discussion extended far longer than two hours, delving deeply into philosophical issues. However, this initial session merely laid the framework for ongoing knowledge and opinion exchanges. Each encounter with a new philosophical masterpiece sparks new discussions, broadening our comprehension of various philosophers and their writings.

Explain How You Felt About it

I felt grateful to share the wisdom of these legends with someone who valued it. My acquaintance became a valuable companion, providing a secure area for me to express myself without fear of being judged. Socrates' words resonated with me: "All I know is that I know nothing." This interaction reinforced the value of humility and continuous learning.

Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend - Sample 2

This is sample 2 for the Cue card topic “Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend”. You can use this example to inspire your answers in the actual exam.

What Did You Teach Him/Her?

I hosted culinary workshops for youngsters in our town, and my buddy gladly attended to show her support. Each session concentrated on teaching students practical non-gas cooking techniques, with an emphasis on nutritious and delicious alternatives, including salads, sprouts, sandwiches, and no-bake cookies. My aim was to teach kids how to prepare good meals on their own, especially when they are hungry and there are no adults around.

When Was It?

This happened during my time as a student, notably in the ninth grade. Interestingly, my acquaintance happened to be a classmate at the same school, which added an unexpected but beneficial twist to our friendship.

How Long Was it For?

Our sessions typically spanned three hours and coincided with our summer holidays. These gatherings proved invaluable, especially for individuals without prior commitments for their June vacations, offering a constructive and enjoyable way to invest their time.

Explain How You Felt About it

Participating in these cooking sessions made me feel extremely mature for my age. In addition, I was really grateful for my friend's engagement and desire to learn from me. It was a rewarding experience to share knowledge and skills with someone close to me, fostering a sense of success and camaraderie.

Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend - Sample 3

This is sample 3 for the Cue card topic “Describe Something You Taught To Your Friend”. You can use this example to inspire your answers in the actual exam.

What Did You Teach Him/Her?

I recently had the opportunity to teach one of my younger cousins the importance of polite requests. On the morning of one of her school programs, she suddenly remembered she needed a bow tie. With time running short, the situation quickly became chaotic and overwhelming for her. Amidst her tears of frustration, I gently guided her through tying the bow tie, using the moment to instill the value of thoughtfulness and patience. It was a poignant reminder that maintaining composure and approaching challenges with calmness can often lead to successful resolutions.

When Was It?

This happened only a few months ago at my cousin's eagerly anticipated annual school celebration. She was excited to perform as a vocalist, but her joy was overpowered by nervousness, which made her feel very anxious.

How Long Was it For?

It just took me about 20 minutes to wrap the bow around her and help her calm down. During this short period, she also mastered the full procedure of tying a bow, exhibiting her swift learning and dedication.

Explain How You Felt About it

I felt good knowing that my cousin decided to listen to me attentively despite the difficulties she was facing. It was gratifying to begin the day by assisting her through a difficult situation. Reflecting on the event, I thought it humorous that despite being the one giving counsel, I often lose my cool first. Nonetheless, the entire event taught me vital lessons, emphasizing the value of patience and understanding while negotiating difficult situations.

Lexical Resources

Philosophy The study of ideas and beliefs about the meaning of life.
Enthusiastically Something you do with immense excitement
Intriguing something that is interesting or strange
Obligations Something by which a person is bound or obliged to do certain things.
Vividly in a clear or detailed way
Unwittingly With no intention
Poignant painfully affecting feelings
Masterpiece A work of art, music, or literature.
Comprehension the ability to understand something
Acquaintance A person that you know
humility a humble person who does not think they are better than others
Culinary Having to do with cooking or the kitchen
Concentrated rich is respect to a particular or essential element.
Commitments An agreement to do something in the future
Engagement being involved with someone
Chaotic messy
Overwhelming very intense feeling which is hard to deal with
Thoughtfulness state of thinking carefully
Composure a calmness or repose especially of mind and appearance
Anticipated to look forward to as certain
Exhibiting to show something publicly
Gratifying pleasing and satisfying
Humorous amusing
Negotiating to talk to someone in order to come to an agreement.

You may read sentences that have the use of the above mentioned words. This will enable you to understand their meaning and usage better. Mentioned above are the various lexical resources and vocabulary for IELTS you can use in the speaking section of your IELTS exam. These will add to your band scores in IELTS.

Follow Up Questions

Also, refer to the following follow-up questions the examiner might ask. In IELTS speaking part 2, you must prepare the following questions and their likes:

  1. Did your teachings help your friend in any way?
  2. Did you notice any influence of your teaching on your friend’s behaviour?
  3. Has any of your teachings left any negative impact on the learner?

To conclude, there are many helpful strategies to ace your IELTS exam. Building on vocabulary, learning idioms, and time management are a few of them. Besides, this blog discusses 3 sample answers for the same topic “ Describe something you taught to your friend”. However, if you doubt your preparation for IELTS, you can go for IELTS online coaching. The classes at will focus on your weaker sections and will help you ace your exam on the first attempt. Moreover, here, experts will guide you on every step and section of IELTS test.

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