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Candidates looking to study abroad must take an English proficiency exam as a part of the application process. Hence, conducted by Pearson PLC Group, PTE Academic is one of the most popular and widely taken English tests by candidates looking to study in an English-speaking country. So, just like other language exams, candidates who want to appear for the PTE can take any time of the year since PTE exam dates are available around the year. Thus, you can schedule your exam by visiting the official PTE website and selecting your preferred test date and centre.

Overview of PTE Exam

The PTE, or Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based proficiency exam that comprehensively assesses a candidate's ability in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It's not just a test, but a gateway to various opportunities. For students, it's a key to academic institutions in English-speaking countries. For professionals, it's a requirement for work visa applications. And for migrants, it's a stepping stone to a new life in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Moreover, the PTE Academic test is preferred by candidates seeking to be admitted into institutions in many English-speaking countries. On the other hand, PTE Academic is a suitable exam for individuals planning to study abroad. Hence, it's necessary to check the dates of PTE exam to apply for the test at the earliest.

How to Find PTE Test Dates?

To find PTE test dates, visit the official Pearson PTE website and navigate to the “Test Dates and Locations” section. Further, you can select your country and city to check the availability of exam dates. Additionally, you can even contact authorized PTE test centres to get more information on upcoming exam dates for PTE in your city.

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How to Book Your PTE Test?

Below are the steps to register for the PTE exam:

  • STEP 1: Firstly, visit the Pearson official website and select one appropriate test you want to register for the exam.
  • STEP 2: You would either be required to check the availability of Pearson exam dates in the homepage banner or click on ‘book a test’ in the top left corner of the official website.
  • STEP 3: Under the PTE Academic heading, candidates would be required to click ‘Check test availability & book’.
  • STEP 4: Post-checking, select the nearby test centre and click next.
  • STEP 5a: Then, you would be redirected to a confirmation page that would reflect your PTE exam type, appointment details (Test Date, Centre, and Time of the Exam), and the fees.
  • STEP 5b: If you’re satisfied with your PTE appointment details, go ahead and make the payment for the PTE exam.
  • STEP 6: The revised PTE exam registration fee, including taxes, is INR 17,000, and you can pay it via multiple payment options. At last, once the payment has been made, candidates can take a printout of the acknowledgement receipt.

Tips for Choosing the Best PTE Test Date

When it comes to selecting the right PTE exam dates, it's not a decision to be taken lightly. A well-chosen test date can lead to optimal performance in your PTE exam. That's why we at Gradding, your trusted partner in PTE test booking, offline & online PTE classes, and mock tests, offer a strategic approach to help you pick a suitable exam date for you at your convenience.

  • Allowing Enough Preparation Time
  • Balancing Test Dates with Other Commitments
  • Considering Retake Possibilities
  • Utilizing Practice Tests to Gauge Readiness
  • Be Conscious of Holidays and Seasons
  • Availability at Your Preferred Centre and Book Early

Therefore, it is important to select optimal Pearson exam dates and achieve high scores on the test.

How to Stay Updated with any Changes or Additional Test Dates?

It's crucial to stay updated with any recent changes or additional test dates for the PTE exam. Make a habit of regularly visiting the official Pearson PTE website. They often post announcements via their blogs about any changes made to the test schedule or the addition of new PTE exam dates. Additionally, you have another option to sign up for email notifications or follow their social media accounts. Moreover, keeping in touch with an authorized PTE test centre in your area would be a great move to keep up with the latest information or any changes in PTE test dates.


Choosing the perfect PTE exam dates requires a balance of strategic approach, personal adherence, and preparation. However, with Gradding, you will have access to multiple resources, including PTE mock tests, coaching, etc., that streamline your PTE preparation as well as the exam booking process. By following a strategic approach to select your test date, you place yourself in the best position for future success. Remember, a well-chosen date for your PTE exam is itself a significant step towards achieving a desired score.

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Jagjeet singh Rathore

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