The PTE is a computer-based language test used to assess the applicant's level of fluency in English. The PTE, which stands for Person Test of English, evaluates their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills to ensure they can study in an international environment and prove their English proficiency. Moreover, knowing the PTE syllabus is crucial for aspirants to score well in the main exam. Thus, students who want to excel in the PTE test in 2024 should be familiar with the most recent syllabus for PTE 2024. Here is the syllabus provided below for all aspirants planning to take the next PTE exam.

PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE exam pattern for the academic version consists of three sections: speaking and writing, reading, and listening.


Types of Questions

Time Duration

Speaking & Writing


54 to 67 minutes



29 to 30 minutes



30 to 43 minutes

PTE Exam Syllabus: Overview

As mentioned above, this test is developed to measure the fluency of non-native English speakers. Every section of the PTE exam syllabus is designed to determine your fundamentals of the English language. Below, you can check every section in detail so you can get your desired score.

PTE Sections

PTE Syllabus

Total Duration

Speaking & Writing

  • Personal Introduction
  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-Tell Lecture
  • Answer Short Questions
  • Summarize Written Text
  • Essay

No. of Questions: 28 – 36

Duration: 54 – 67 minutes


  • Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers
  • Re-Order Paragraphs
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks
  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

No. of Questions: 13 – 18

Duration: 29 – 30 minutes


  • Summarize Spoken Text
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Highlight Correct Summary
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  • Select Missing Word
  • Highlight Incorrect Words
  • Write from Dictation

No. of Questions: 12 – 20

Duration: 30 – 43 minutes

A student who completes the syllabus of PTE and performs well in this test can demonstrate to the admissions and visa authorities that they can understand the English language while studying in a foreign country. Here below, you are going to learn about each section in detail.

PTE Syllabus: Speaking and Writing Section

This section of the PTE exam judges two key communication abilities, verbal and written, based on seven small sections that assess the applicant's quickness in speaking and writing. If you are planning to study abroad, then you have to work on your skills to get admission to your desired university.


No. of Questions

Approximate Time to Answer

Personal Introduction


55 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to record

Read Aloud


30-40 seconds to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words

Repeat Sentence


15 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record

Describe Image


25 seconds are granted to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same

Re-Tell Lecture


90 seconds for prompt length, 10 seconds to prepare, and 40 seconds to answer

Answer Short Questions


20 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer

Summarize Written Text


10 minutes to answer to text prompt of 300 words



20 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences

Total No. of questions: 28 to 36

Time duration: 54-67 minutes

PTE Syllabus: Reading

The reading section of the PTE syllabus assesses students' ability to understand instructions written in English. This part is divided into five small sections that last 20 to 30 minutes. Here, you can study the segment-wise time distribution.


No. of Questions


Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer


Read 300 words of text and choose one response relevant to the question.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers


Read 300 words of text and choose more than one response relevant to the question

Re-Order Paragraphs


Read 150 words of text and arrange the paragraphs in the right order.

Reading: Fill in the Blanks


Read 80 words of text and drag the words to fill the gaps

Fill in the blanks


Read 80 words of text and drag the words to fill the gaps.

Total No. of questions: 13 to 18

Time duration: 20-30 minutes

PTE Syllabus: Listening

This PTE exam module is intended to assess the applicant's ability to understand spoken English. In this section, the students have to hear the audio file carefully and remember what they hear. This section is divided into eight sections with allotted time as follows:


No. of Questions


Summarize Spoken Text

1 - 2

60-90 seconds to skim and proofread the text. 10 minutes for writing the 50-70 word summary

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

1 - 2

40-90 seconds to listen to audio and choose more than one response relevant to the question

Fill in the Blanks

2 - 3

30-60 seconds to listen to a recording and fill in the gaps in the transcript

Highlight Correct Summary

1 - 2

30-90 seconds to listen and choose the summary that best suits the recording

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

1 - 2

30-60 seconds to listen to the audio and choose one response relevant to the question

Select Missing Word

1 - 2

20-70 seconds to listen to the audio and choose the missing word to complete the recording

Highlight Incorrect Words

2 - 3

15-50 seconds to listen to a recording and identify the words that differ in the transcript and audio

Write From Dictation

3 - 4

3-5 seconds to listen and type out the sentence

Total No. of questions: 12 to 20

Time duration: 30-43 minutes


The candidates can know from this information that getting a higher score in this exam is not easy. However, passing this exam is important for them. So, then join the PTE coaching, or you can also get help from They will make sure to take regular classes, provide study material, and train the aspirants so they are all set for the main exam.

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