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The scores range from 10-90

The overall score is the reflection of various criteria of each section

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The language proficiency test plays a vital role in the dream journey of studying abroad for any aspirant. Understanding the marking scheme of these exam, be it PTE score chart or IELTS band scores is crucial. This is so because it helps them to create a strategy to prepare in such a way that they crack it in their first attempt. The benefit of acing the test in one go is the process of dream journey goes as planned.

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PTE Score Chart

Although, the Pearson Test of English provides a detailed feedback to every study abroad aspirant through their PTE score card, but this table below shows the PTE score chart along with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the proficiency level attained.

PTE ScoreCEFR LevelEnglish Proficiency Level

After having a look at the PTE score chart, now let us know what each score range indicates.

What Does PTE Score Means?

The scores that you achieve in the language proficiency exam of PTE has certain meaning. These are mentioned below on the basis of the scores you got in the official exam. Have a look.

PTE Score 85-90

This score is highest level of English proficiency that one can achieve by taking this language proficiency test. The test taker can

  • Understand everything they hear or read virtually.
  • Summarize information and reconstruct arguments from different spoken and written sources. Also, they can present them coherently.
  • Express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely. The user can handle complex situations easily.

PTE Score 76-84

This is a very high level of English proficiency that can be attained by a test taker. Generally, such high proficiency is not required for undergraduate courses. At this level, the candidate can:

  • Can understand a wide range of long texts and recognize their meaning.
  • Express themselves fluently without much searching for phrases.
  • Wisely use the connector and cohesive device usage. Also, they can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects.

PTE Score 59-75

This language proficiency level is expected by the academic organizations that enrol students. At this level, the test taker can:

  • At this language proficiency level, students are able to grasp the main ideas of complex texts, both on concrete and abstract topics, which is a practical skill for academic success.
  • Regularly interact with native people with spontaneity and without strain to any party.
  • Explain their viewpoint clearly and in detail on various topics.

PTE Score 43-58

This level may or may not be accepted by the academic organization. The acceptance of PTE score card with 43-58 scores by the institute will depend on the set criteria. The applicant can:

  • Understand the main points of input on familiar matters that they regularly encounter in work, school, leisure, etc.
  • Deal with most situations in the areas where English is spoken.
  • Can produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
  • Can describe experiences & events, dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Also, briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

PTE Score 30-42

This PTE band score is too low to enrol in an academic institute, but it can be considered for foundation courses. The test taker can:

  • Understand sentences and frequently use expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance, like personal information, hobbies, employment and geography.
  • Exchange thoughts and information in simple and routine tasks.
  • Describe various aspects of their background, environment, and immediate needs.

PTE Score 10-29

This PTE band score is even too low for foundation courses. The test taker can:

  • Use and understand everyday expressions and basic phrases.
  • Introduce himself/herself. Also, they can ask and respond to personal questions like where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has.
  • The test taker demonstrates the ability to adapt to different communication styles. They can interact in a simple way, even if the other person talks slowly and clearly.

Scoring Methods for PTE Exam

In this section, we will learn how the scores are marked for the Pearson Test of English. The answers to the PTE exam are marked using two criteria.

Correct or Incorrect

For some questions, the answers are either correct or incorrect. For every correct answer, the candidate will be awarded 1 point, and no marks will be awarded for incorrect answers.

Partial Credit

The remaining tasks are marked either correct, partially correct, or incorrect. The maximum marks will be awarded If the responses are correct. However, a few points out of the maximum marks will be deducted if the answer is partially correct.

Let's now explore the section-wise scoring method, which will provide you with a clear understanding of how your performance will be evaluated in each section of the PTE exam, helping you to prepare more effectively.

PTE Reading section

Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring Type
Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks5-6Partial Credit
Re-order paragraphs2-3Partial Credit
Reading: Fill in the blanks4-5Partial Credit
Multiple Choice; Single Answer2-3Correct/Incorrect
Multiple Choice; Multiple Answer2-3Correct/Incorrect

PTE Listening section

Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring Type
Multiple Choice; Single Answer2-3Correct/Incorrect
Multiple Choice; Multiple Answer2-3Correct/Incorrect
Fill in the blanks2-3Partial Credit
Highlight Correct Summary2-3Correct/Incorrect
Write from Dictation3-4Partial Credit
Select Missing Word2-3Correct/Incorrect
Highlight Incorrect Word2-3Correct/Incorrect
Summarize Spoken Test2-3Partial Credit

PTE Speaking & Writing Section

Question TypeNumber of QuestionScoring Type
Read Aloud6-7Partial Credit
Describe Image3-4Partial Credit
Repeat Sentence10-12Partial Credit
Answer Short Question5-6Partial Credit
Re-tell Lecture1-2Partial Credit
Summarize Written Text1-2Partial Credit
Write Essay1-2Partial Credit

These were the question types of various sections of the PTE exam, along with the number of questions and the scoring types. In the next section, you will learn about the comparison of PTE scores with different language proficiency tests.

PTE Academic Score Comparison with IELTS Band Score

The table below generally compares the PTE Academic Scores with the IELTS band score for those who gave the PTE as the eligibility criteria but wish to understand the alignment with IELTS.

PTE ScoresIELTS Band Score

PTE Academic Score Comparison with TOEFL iBT Score

The table in this section compares the PTE scores with the scores of other language proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL iBT.

PTE ScoresIELTS Band Score

Which Countries Accept PTE Scores?

Many countries and their top institutes accept PTE scores. Here is a list of a few leading nations that accept them as valid evidence of the candidate’s language proficiency.

USAHong Kong
Sri LankaSpain
South KoreaSouth Africa
New ZealandEstonia

This is all about the PTE band score chart, its scoring methods, and the leading countries that accept the PTE scorecard as proof of language proficiency. So, if you are unsure about your preparation, then you can sign up for online PTE coaching and ace the test in one go without much difficulty.

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