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The candidate must be 16 years old.

The candidate who are 16-18 year old need parent’s consent to appear.

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Pearson's Test of English is a language proficiency exam. It is crucial for every study abroad aspirant to clear in order to get admission to their dream university. It determines the candidate's ability to understand and comprehend the language. Also, it shows the test takers' readiness to take classes in their dream institute. Every language skill test has its specific needs, but there are no specific PTE exam requirements. The section below contains the PTE eligibility criteria.

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Eligibility Criteria for PTE Test

Although there is no fixed eligibility for the PTE exam but here are few points that a candidate must consider.

  • Age: The test taker must be at least 16 years old to meet the PTE eligibility. Moreover, the eligibility for PTE exam includes the signed consent form from the parents/guardian if they're between 16 to 18 years.
  • Education: There is no specific educational requirement that is to be fulfilled for PTE exam. However, completion of secondary education is a crucial aspect.
  • Identification: The candidates must carry an authentic identity card like passport, driving license or any other national ID to the exam center for verification.
  • Language Proficiency: Although the purpose of appearing for PTE exam is determining the proficiency of the English language but the test taker must have basic knowledge to study, migrate or work in English speaking nations.

These are the basic PTE eligibility. Now let us know the specific needs for various purposes in the life of an aspirant to study abroad.

Specific Requirements for Different Purposes

PTE is a language proficiency test. The scores of this test are accepted across the globe for various purposes. In this section, you will know PTE eligibility for different purposes. Let us know the PTE exam requirements for various reasons.

Study Abroad

The PTE Academic exam is accepted across the globe by many institutes. The academic organizations rely on language proficiency tests to determine the applicants ability to understand English

  • Acceptance by Educational Institutions: The PTE has a dedicated exam, PTE- A that is globally accepted by various educational setups. However, the scores of PTE are accepted as the proof of the language skills.
  • Verification: The aspirant must cross-verify with the institute whether the PTE scores are accepted or not. You can simply visit the official website of the institute or contact the admission office directly.
  • Specific Program Requirements: Certain courses within educational institutions may require additional English language proficiency. For instance, programs in fields of various languages or English literature may require higher scores than usual.


Out of all types of PTE, PTE Core is accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to issue citizenship to foreign nationals. It is accepted for all economic visa categories including permanent residency and citizenship.

  • Accepted by Immigration Authorities: Many nations consider the PTE scores to be proof of English language proficiency for immigration purposes. However, it is essential to check the country specific needs.
  • Minimum Score Requirements: The immigration authorities usually set minimum requirements for PTE exam. These can vary as per the visa category and immigration policies of the country.
  • Visa Categories: There are several visa categories, and each of them has different PTE score requirements.


Many professionals designation has requirements for PTE exam that is to be fulfilled by the candidates. They have to present score card in order to fulfil the post.

  • Acceptance by Professional Organizations: There are many professional organizations and licensing bodies that accepts PTE scores as proof of language proficiency for certification or licensure purposes. However, it's crucial to check organization specific needs.
  • Minimum Score Requirements: Professional organizations or licensing bodies may set minimum score requirements for PTE exam. Everyone's needs vary with the profession and the level of proficiency required to practice in that field.
  • Validity Period: Few of the organization that accepts PTE are very specific about the time when the PTE was given. Some of them prefer the report card that is only about 6 months old. It also vary by organization.

Country Wise Universities and Their Accepted PTE Scores

Few nations accept PTE compared to IELTS. To ease your journey, here are the top three countries and the best universities that accept PTE as language proficiency proof.


Canada is among the top study abroad destination. It is also one of the most opted study destination by the aspirants. Here are the top 5 universities along with the minimum required PTE scores.

Top UniversitiesPTE Exam Eligibility
The King's University College59 & Above
Simon Fraser University65 Points & Above
University of Manitoba

UG - 58 Points & Above

PG - 61 Points & Above

Algoma University63 Points & Above
Conestoga College

Diploma: 53 - 57 Points & Above

Grad: 58 - 60 Points & Above


Similar to Canada, Australia also tops the list of study abroad destinations. In the table below, there are the top five Australian universities that accept PTE as language proficiency proof and the minimum accepted scores.

Top UniversitiesPTE Exam Eligibility
The University of Melbourne58 & Above
Monash University58 & Above
University of Sydney68 Points & Above
Deakin University57 Points & Above
Conestoga College57 Points & Above

United Kingdom

Another study abroad destination chosen by the aspirants is the United Kingdom. The best five universities across the nation accept the Pearson Test of English as language proof with the minimum scores.

Top UniversitiesPTE Exam Eligibility
Coventry University59 & Above
King’s College London54-59 Points
London School of Economics and Political Science58 -65 Points
Teesside University51-56 Points
University of Bath62-69 Points

In this section, you get to know the top countries, their best universities, and the minimum accepted scores. In the next section, you will learn the registration process to book a PTE test.

Registration Process

Till now, we got to know the PTE exam requirements. In this section, let us have a look on the steps to register for PTE.

STEP 1: Click on “Book a Test”

Firstly, open in your search engine. You can see a button “Book a Test” on the top right corner of the home page. Click on it. Then you need to select answers for “Where do you want to go?” and “What do you want to do there?”. Further, PTE will suggest the test type that is suitable for the selected choices. Then you have two buttons, “Check Availability & Book” and “Explore Test”. Click on the button as required.

STEP 2: Find an Appointment Center

As soon as you click on the button “Check Availability & Book”. It will take a few seconds to land on a different page where you will be asked to search for a location. You will get a list of nearby centres as soon as you enter the desired city from where you will take the test. You can select the desired dates and times to proceed.

STEP 3: Create myPTE Account

Candidates must enter the correct information to set up their myPTE account. The details entered must exactly match their passport, and there must not be any mismatch in the provided data. The test-takers must know that they have to present their passports at the centres. If they find even the slightest mismatch, the candidate isn’t eligible to sit for the test or receive a refund. After filing the details, click on “Create account & continue booking”. Your myPTE account will be created.

STEP 4: Complete Your Booking

Select the answers to a few of the questions. Then, you should agree to PTE policies related to admission, rescheduling, and cancellation. In the next step, you should pay the fee for your test. The candidates can pay via American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa. If the applicant has a voucher or promo code, then you can enter it here. Review test appointment details and payment information. Lastly, click on “Submit Order”.

You can follow these four easy steps to book the language proficiency test after completing your PTE preparation.

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