Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise Cue Card

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Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS is a language proficiency test globally accepted by 12000 organizations to determine the individual’s ability to use and understand the language. It is taken by non-native speakers who want to enter an English-speaking nation for higher education or to secure a job. Out of the four sections, task 2 of the IELTS speaking section is discussed with sample answers of “Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise”, along with lexical resources and tips to follow.

iets cue card topics with answer pdf

Introduction to IELTS Cue Cards

IELTS cue card is the task of the IELTS speaking part 2, where a small card/prompt is given with a question and 4 additional pointers. These help you create and structure your answer. They will determine your abilities to organize ideas and speak them fluently. Moreover, the follow-up questions, along with a lexical resources list, are given.

How to Answer the Cue Card?

Before briefly knowing how to answer a cue card, you must know the exam pattern of IELTS in order to ace it in one go. Once the prompt is in front of your eyes, your brain must start processing the cue card at the given time. Start noting down the important words and phrases that will further help you structure and give the answers.

You should cover all the pointers that are

  • When did it happen?
  • Where was it?
  • Why was there a lot of noise?
  • and explain what you did when you heard the noise.

Let us have a visual representation of the potential cue card that you may receive in the IELTS speaking part 2.

Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise” cue card image |

Let us know the different ways in which you can answer your cue card with the topic “Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise”. These answers are given by the IELTS trainers to score the 8+ band score in IELTS.

Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise - Sample 1

Here are the sample answers to the cue card topic “Describe a place where there was a lot of noise”. These answers are given by the experts.


I am quite an extrovert who loves to explore and socialize. Moreover, I have been to numerous places thus far. Recently, I visited a place thronged by people who had gathered during a fest. It was literally an overwhelming experience. It looked as if 300 crickets were chirping together in a small container. On top of that, each one of those 300 was trying to out-speak the entire crowd.

When did this happen?

The event took place in the moderate month of September/October. Referring to the Hindu Calendar, they are named as the month of Kartik.

Where was it?

The fest I'm talking about is the festival that happens in the city of Bundi, which is significantly known as the Bundi Utsav. It is located in the Hatodi region of Rajasthan, popularly considered the "Land of Kings." 

Why there was a lot of noise?

It is actually an annual fest representing the city's rich cultural heritage and traditional art forms, as well as its historical significance.

And explain what you did when you heard the noise.

As I have mentioned, I love to interact with new people. However, in this particular event, I found it hard to cope with the endless clattering. So, I decided to escape from that place as soon as I could. Generally, when a noise overpowers my auditory senses, I squint my eyes first. Consequently, my hands automatically reached my ears, and my feet tried to run out of the place and away from the crowd. Adding to the pain, the people's physical presence made it tougher for me to reach the exit. Thus, I let my elbows, sticking out in front of my body, paving the way for me.

Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise - Sample 2

This section contains the modal answer in a different format. You can structure your answers based on the answer below.


One of the unforgettable noisy places that I have been to is the concert of my favourite artist “Arijit Singh” which took place in the SMS Convention Centre. As soon as the sun was touching the horizon, the evening was getting towards the dusk of the day.

When Did It Happen?

It happened in the chilling evening of December but we were excited to witness the electrifying atmosphere created by the live performance in such good weather.

Where Was It?

It happened in the heart of Pink City, Jaipur. It is the capital of Rajasthan.

Why Was There a Lot of Noise?

This noise was bearable as my favourite singer was performing live in front of my eyes. I almost dropped my jaws once he entered the stage.

Explain What You Did When You Heard the Noise?

I enjoyed this noise a lot. Despite loud music and bass, everyone was enjoying the evening as it was connected with everyone’s heart and their emotions.

Describe a Place Where There Was a Lot of Noise - Sample 3

Below are the sample answers to cue card “Describe a place where there was a lot of noise”. You can refer to the vocabulary, style and nature of the answer.


The noisy place that I would like to discuss is “Pub”. My friends insisted a lot to go there. The pub is usually depicted as the social hub where people can unwind fun after their busy schedule. A place where they can discover and experiment with several cuisines and drinks.

When Did It Happen?

During my tenure pursuing my postgraduate course in the splendid city of Chandigarh, my companions and I frequented the esteemed establishment known as the "pub" to unwind after the rigours of the week.

Where Was It? 

Since, it was the weekend and the pub was located in the city centre, it was overcrowded.

The uproar arose from the vivacious strains of live music, DJ performances, or karaoke renditions, all hallmarks of our weekend evenings. Initially enchanting, these melodic offerings gradually transmuted into a disquieting cacophony, inundating my senses and transforming the erstwhile harmonious atmosphere into a discordant nightmare.

Explain What You Did When You Heard the Noise?

When confronted with the chaos, my first thought was to flee. Recognizing the severity of my suffering, I attempted to communicate it to my companions. Mercifully, they were responsive to my entreaty and graciously agreed to my request for reprieve.

Lexical Resources

Here is a list of collocations and descriptive words used above, along with their meaning.

Lexical Resource Meaning
Overwhelming Extremely great or strong
Referring To direct for information or anything required
Overpower To be too strong for somebody
Auditory Senses The ability to hear; the auditory faculty.
Historical Significance Judging why a particular person or event is remembered
Squint To look at something with your eyes almost closed
Pave the way To make it possible or easier for something or someone to follow
Nightmare Unpleasant dream
Depicted To show somebody/something in a picture/drawing
Unwind If you unwind something or if something unwinds, it comes away from something that it had been put round
Dropped my jaws Very surprised
Electrifying Atmosphere  People are in a state of great excitement
Dusk The state or period of partial darkness between day and night

Follow-up Questions

 Below is the list of follow-up questions that examiner can interject in the round three of the IELTS speaking section. Refer the questions below. 

  • Do you think noise pollution is a significant issue in urban areas?
  • Have you ever experienced a situation where noise became a problem for you?
  • In what ways do you think advancements in technology have influenced the amount of noise we encounter in everyday life?

Tips to Excel in IELTS Cue Card

Here are a few tips that you can follow and use in order to ace the IELTS speaking section. 

  • You must read and understand the prompt given properly.
  • Utilize the paper and pencil given to you by planning the task response (keywords and phrases).
  • Use appropriate vocabulary for IELTS since 25% of the band score of this section will depend on this.
  • “Practice makes a man perfect”, so by practising, you will get an idea of the difficulties you may face during the IELTS. You may sign up for mock tests to be confident and consistent on your exam day.
  • You should not use fillers like, um, uh, you know. Use your words and time efficiently.
  • Try to make use of the maximum number of key pointers you noted in the IELTS speaking part 2. Remember the phrases left out; you can counter the questions that will be asked in section three.
  • Also, you should know the correct pronunciation of the word.
  • Know the lexical resources and use them appropriately wherever required.

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These are a few tips you can use to strategize and strengthen your preparation for the IELTS exam. In addition to this, you will learn the sample answer for the IELTS speaking part 2, where the candidates are given cue cards. You can enrol in IELTS coaching online to make your preparation as solid as a rock. The professionals will help you understand the IELTS course, syllabus, and format well.

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