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IELTS exam date: The dates for the test are available throughout the year to make it convenient for the aspirants to select one according to them. Although, there are no such rules to choose the dates as you can opt for any from the list available. However, it is advised to take the test 2-3 months before the application process of the university you are aiming for begins. Moreover, IELTS academic test dates fall on Saturdays and, seldom, on Thursdays. Thus, you must book the slot on time so you can find your preferable date without any struggle. 

IELTS Exam Date 2024

Generally, there are four IELTS paper dates available every month for the paper-delivered test. Thus, candidates aspiring to study abroad can choose from these as per their convenience. To do this, they need to visit the official IELTS website and select their preferred date to take the test. From there, candidates will plan and schedule their exam date and slot to take the exam at a suitable location. 

IELTS Exam Date Rescheduling

For rescheduling the IELTS paper dates, you need to contact the centre where you have booked your exam in both cases: cancel or postpone the test. However, if you have rescheduled the test for more than 5 weeks before the date, then you will get the refund, deducting the administration fee. Besides this, if you reschedule the IELTS exam date within 5 weeks, no refund will be given unless there is a serious medical reason for the same. Moreover, If you provide a medical certificate within 5 days of your date, you will receive a refund, deducting the local administrative fees.

Instructions for IELTS Exam Centre 

On the IELTS exam date, you must adhere to several regulations; violating these can lead to elimination from the entire exam. Moreover, taking IELTS preparation classes from professionals can make getting along with these rules an easy process. However, here are some instructions that candidates must adhere to at the test centre:

  • Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall after they have completed all the check-in procedures unless accompanied by an invigilator. 
  • You must place your ID on your desk. However, the only items allowed on your desk are pencils, pens, an eraser and a sharpener.
  • Switch off your mobile phone and place all your personal belongings outside the test room.
  • Once the test has begun, you are not allowed to talk or communicate with other test-takers.
  • You are not allowed to wear any type of watch inside the test room, as there will be a clock available. 
  • You must return all the papers, including any unused writing paper, at the end of the test. 
  • There are no breaks between the different sections of the test, so be prepared in advance.

Do’s & Don’ts for IELTS Exam Centre

There are strict rules you need to comply with on the day of your IELTS test. Violation of any protocol can lead you towards getting disqualified from the test. Thus, here are some of the most prominent ones listed:


  • Read all the instructions on the question paper before jumping onto the questions. 
  • Provide valid identification proof of your nationality at the test centre.
  • Ensure that your name, date of birth, and photograph are aligned with your passport and other identification documents.


  • Do not impersonate someone else’s identity.
  • Do not attempt to cheat during the entire exam.
  • Do not eat or smoke inside the test room. 
  • Do not use any wearable or electronic device during the exam.
  • Do not leave the room without permission from the invigilator. 
  • Do not speak to fellow candidates during exam hours.

Change in the IELTS Test Centre

Unfortunately, you cannot change your IELTS test centre. This is because all the test centres are separate organisations; thus, you are unable to transfer the test to another one. However, if you want to change it for any reason, you can request a refund at the current test centre and then book a new test at your preferred test centre. To do this, you need to select IELTS general exam dates or academic tests again at your convenience.

Quick Insight

The IELTS exam date 2024 is available as per the comfort of the aspirant. This will allow the candidates to select the date to take the test in a flexible manner. Moreover, the dates for IELTS academic and general may vary as per the holidays in different cities and countries. Thus, you must consider the schedule mentioned above. Moreover, these test dates can be rescheduled after notifying the test centre in advance. 

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