IELTS Exam Result:Know How to Check and Calculate IELTS Score?

The result is given on a 9 band scale- 9 being the highest and 1 being the lowest

The final band score is the average of the marks scored in all individual sections

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IELTS result:IDP, or the International Development Program, is an autonomous body that releases results for IELTS in both online and offline modes. Thus, for the online or the computer mode, the results are announced within 3-5 days. On the other hand, paper-based or offline mode results are announced on the 13th day after the test has taken place. Moreover, to check the result, candidates are required to visit the IDP website and download the IELTS score card. However, these scores are not official until you receive the Test Report Form, which is accepted by around 11,000+ universities or immigration authorities worldwide. These results are valid up to 2 years from the test date, after which the candidate will no longer be able to use the scores.

IELTS Result Date

The time frame of the IELTS result varies as per the medium of the exam. Thus, the schedule for both the computer-based and paper-based results are:

COMPUTER-DELIVERED TEST3 to 5 days from the test date
PAPER-DELIVERED TEST12:00 AM on 13th day from the test date

How To Check IELTS Result?

After you have taken the exam, you will receive your IELTS result through various mediums: online, SMS, e-mail or at the test centre. These scores are calculated through the bands that are given for each of the four sections separately, and an overall band score will also be provided.

How To Check IELTS Result Online?

To check the IELTS test results online, candidates must follow these quick steps:

  • Login to IDP IELTS official website
  • Enter your credentials: name, passport number, and date of birth.
  • Click on IELTS results
  • Select the exam date
  • Proceed by submitting the credentials to view the result
  • Download and save the IELTS score card until you receive an official TRF.

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How To Check IELTS Result Through Email?

When the IELTS test results are announced, candidates will receive them on their e-mail IDs. Thus, students must keep an eye on the notifications to get updates related to their results.

How To Get IELTS Exam Result Through SMS?

Candidates can check their IELTS test results through SMS as well. To do this, they are required to send a text message to number 92898 92898 after 12:00 noon on the IELTS result day. The message should include “Candidate No” and “Passport No”.

How To Get IELTS Band Scores From The Test Centre?

Candidates also have an option to get their IELTS result from the test centre. To do this, they need to:

  • Show their ID no. or passport at their designated test centre.
  • Show the candidate no. received on the test day.
  • Moreover, candidates who registered for the IELTS exam from the test centre cannot receive the results by the means of phone, email, or fax.

IELTS Band Chart

To understand the band scores more accurately, here is the table that helps you perceive your IELTS results and reflect your English language proficiency.

BAND 9Expert User
BAND 8Very Good User
BAND 7Good User
BAND 6Competent User
BAND 5Modest User
BAND 4Limited User
BAND 3Extremely Limited User
BAND 2Intermittent User
BAND 1Non-User
BAND 0Did Not Attempt the Test

How To Calculate IELTS Band Scores?

To calculate the IELTS scores, candidates are awarded bands that range between 0-9. Where 9 is the highest and 0 is the lowest score one can get. These are allotted for each of the four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Moreover, to calculate the IELTS scores, you must take the average or mean of all the sections. However, if the average is decimal, then it will be converted to the nearest half or the whole.

TRF: IELTS Test Report Form

TRF is abbreviated to the Test Report Form, which is the official confirmation of your IELTS result. Thus, this document can be shared as proof of your English language proficiency. Moreover, this can be either an electronic copy (eTRF) or a paper copy (TRF).

Moreover, if you have taken the test on paper, the IELTS result will be available on the 13th day after the test date, and if you have taken the test on a computer, it will take 3-5 days. Furthermore, the paper copy of the TRF can be collected from the test centre in person or delivered by post. This option has to be checked by the centre.

There are two types of test reports:

1. Personal Test Report Form:

Candidates will receive test reports for each section and an overall band score, too. It is crucial to keep the copy of the report safe as they will not get another one. They will receive the report through courier/post, which can take approximately 10 days from the day of the result.

2. Institutional Test Report Form:

When registering for the exam, students have the option of sending the IELTS score card or report to up to five universities free of cost. Moreover, if they need to send it to more than 5 institutes, they can request that through Additional Test Reports with different costs as per the mode of transportation.

How To Send IELTS Scores To Overseas Universities?

After getting the IELTS result, candidates are required to send them to the universities. There is an option to select five universities to which they have to send their TRF without any additional cost. Most English-speaking countries accept these scores as a requirement for admission or visa processing.

Moreover, to send copies of TRF, the test takers, at the time of registration, are given the option to choose up to 5 universities. However, if the candidate wants to send the report to more than 5 universities, they are required to pay some additional cost.

What Is IELTS One-Skill Retake?

Organisational committees have recently introduced the IELTS one-skill retake for a better testing experience. It is to give another chance to the candidates who cannot perform in a particular section of the test to bring their scores back on track. It means candidates have a chance to retake any section and improve their results within 60 days of the actual test day. Moreover, if you are still underconfident about appearing for the retake, you can attend professional IELTS preparation classes to ensure that you appear well for the test and improve your scores.

How To Apply For IELTS EOR?

Enquiry on the Result of your IELTS test means to send your test for remarking. It is applied when you are unsatisfied with your IELTS test results. Moreover, EOR must be applied within 6 weeks from the date of the test. However, you can choose to remark only one section of the test. To apply for EOR, you must fill out a form and submit your original TRF along with the required fees. Besides this, the entire process will take another 6-8 weeks.

Besides this, if the remarking makes the IELTS result go upward, then the fees of the EOR will be refunded, and a new TRF will be issued. But vice-versa if the result remains unchanged.

In A Nutshell

To check the IELTS result, a candidate has to wait for 3-5 days if they have taken the computer-based test version. Moreover, if they have appeared for the paper-based version, the result will be released on the 13th day. To check this, they can either select SMS, e-mail, or the test centre option. Moreover, these scores are not official until you receive a TRF from the organisational committee. However, if you are unsatisfied with the IELTS score card, you can apply for an EOR. Besides this, there is another option to improve your scores, that is, through one skill retake policy.

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