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Bats to the Rescue Reading Answers: Detailed Explanation and Solutions

The IELTS reading portion is your best chance to do well on the test and to prove your language abilities. This part uses a variety of questions to measure the reading comprehension ability of candidates in English.

In this write-up, you will get the right answers with proper explanations for the section “Bats to the Rescue Reading Answers”, which has appeared in the exam. Furthermore, the best time to spend on this specific task is 20 minutes. Let’s see whether you can solve this passage in 20 minutes or not.

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Bats to the Rescue Reading Answers: Detailed Explanation and Solutions

Below are the answers for above IELTS Reading passage along with the explanation.

Question 1

Explanation :It is clear from the First paragraph, fourth and fifth lines that forests are not directly destructed (attacked) by insects. Insects are destroying paddy crops, and farmers are clearing those forests to create paddy (rice) fields. Thus, insects are not directly attacking forests.

Question 2

Explanation :As per the information given in the last three lines of the paragraph first, not all species on the island are suffering as a result of the destruction of the forests. In fact, there are some of the insectivorous bats on the island that are currently thriving, which has vast implications for both farmers and environmentalists. It shows that insectivorous bats are thriving because of their devastating habitat. They do not affect them.

Question 3

ANSWER :Not Given
Explanation :The last line of the second paragraph suggests that Rocha’s recent study reveals that there are multiple bat species providing enough pest control services to Madagascar’s rice farmers by consuming swarms of insects. However, there is no such statement indicating that Ricardo Rocha has conducted studies on bats in several regions of the world.

Question 4

Explanation :According to the last three lines of the second paragraph and the first two lines of the fourth paragraph, Rocha’s new study has several species of bats that are giving Madagascar’s rice farmers a vital pest control service by feasting on plagues of insects.

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Question 5

ANSWER :Not Given
Explanation :In the last two lines of the fourth paragraph, it is clearly mentioned that Malagasy mouse-eared bat. Thus, the passage does not provide any information indicating that it is more prevalent than other native species in Madagascar.

Question 6

Explanation :The second and third lines of the fifth paragraph state that a study revealed that bats feed on rice pets, including the patty-swarming caterpillar and grass webworm. Thus, this exactly means that bats feed on paddy-swarming caterpillars and grass webworms.

Question 7

ANSWER :Droppings
Explanation :According to the information in the seventh paragraph, to examine the dropping of bats, the technique of DNA barcode was used. Therefore, as per this sentence here, the right answer is droppings.

Question 8

ANSWER :Coffee
Explanation :Although the information in the eighth paragraph shows that rice farming provides lots of perks, however, it also indicates other findings. These proofs uncover the consumption of pests of bats with several crops. It includes the sugarcane cicada, the sober tabby and the black twig borer that used to spread over coffee plants. Hence, as per the following details here, the answer is coffee.

Question 9

ANSWER :Mosquitoes
Explanation :According to the tenth paragraph, bats also do the consumption of mosquitoes, further helping in the prevention of malaria. Therefore, as per the mentioned sentence here, the answer is mosquitoes.

Question 10

ANSWER :Protein
Explanation :As per the information mentioned in the eleventh paragraph, it is clear that food provided by bats is rich in protein. So, as per the stated sentence, here, protein is the correct answer.

Question 11

ANSWER :Unclean
Explanation :From the eleventh paragraph, it is clear that bats often stay in the building and make them dirty. Hence, here, the correct answer to the question is unclean.

Question 12

ANSWER :Culture
Explanation :Through the information mentioned in the eleventh paragraph, it can stated that in the culture of people, there was influence of bats. Therefore, as per the sentence here, the right answer is culture.

Question 13

ANSWER :Houses
Explanation :In the last lines of the eleventh paragraph, some suggestions are mentioned. As per that, farmers should build houses for bats and make strong connections with them. So, according to the stated information in the following sentence here, the answer is houses.

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