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Could Urban Engineers Learn from Dance Reading Answers: Solutions With Explanations

Do you want to ace IELTS but stuck with the reading passages? Worry Not! Gradding is here with the solution to your problems. On this page, a reading passage on “Could Urban Engineers Learn from Dance ” along with the answers and the explanation is present.

Moreover, the reading section assess the comprehensive skills of the test taker. The ideal time that a candidate must spend on a passage is 20 minutes. So, let us check if you can solve this passage in 20 minutes.

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Could Urban Engineers Learn from Dance Reading Answers: Solutions With Explanations

Below are the answers for above IELTS Reading passage along with the explanation.

Question 1

Explanation :The fourth sentence of paragraph D explains the problem caused by neglecting the climate. The engineers fail to understand that purpose-erected road cafés can not operate in the hot sun without installing defensive canopies.

Question 2

Explanation :The fourth sentence of paragraph A states that different transportation modes impact our health, be it mental, physical or social. Also, it impacts our jobs and of course, the air we breathe.

Question 3

Explanation :The first and second sentences of paragraph E mention that the prototypes are used to forecast and change the way in which individuals will move around a metropolitan city. It also mentions the importance of these models that prioritise efficiency and safety over other aspects.

Question 4

Explanation :The first and second sentences of paragraph B explain how dance can give some solutions to engineers. They can use the choreographer’s methodology to create new sparkling ideas for city-making.

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Question 5

Explanation :The answer to this question can be found in the second, third, fourth and fifth lines of paragraph F. It mentions that engineers must know the reason for people’s mobility to bring substantial changes. It explains that few engineering goals have nothing to do with the choreographers as the designers don’t think like the dancer’s body envisages.

Question 6

Explanation :The first sentence of paragraph C narrates “Building designs are now conceived and stored in media technologies that insulate the developer from the physical and social realities they're creating, whereas medieval builders extemporized and acclimated construction through intimate knowledge of accouterments and particular experience of point conditions.” It differentiates the ancient and modern construction ways.

Question 7

ANSWER :Safety
Explanation :The fourth and fifth sentence of paragraph E gives the example of guard rails that are instantly identifiable to anyone who has tried to cross a road in Britain. They were an engineering response to the problem of pedestrian safety, built on traffic movement-oriented models.

Question 8

ANSWER :Traffic
Explanation :The fifth line of paragraph E justifies that they were an excellent engineering solution to prioritize traffic movement.

Question 9

ANSWER :Highway
Explanation :The sixth sentence of paragraph E mentions “On major roads, they typically direct people to specific crossing points and restrict their progress by separating the crossing into two - one for each highway.” This line highlights the answer of question asked.

Question 10

ANSWER :Mobile
Explanation :The answer to this question can be found in the seventh line of paragraph E in the line “As a result, crossings feel longer, imposing psychological obstacles that disproportionately affect the least mobile, and pushing others to conduct unsafe crossings to avoid the guard rails”. Hence, the answer of the question is justified.

Question 11

ANSWER :Psychological
Explanation :The seventh line of the paragraph E contains the answer to this question. According to it, the crossings appear longer, creating psychological barriers that disproportionately affect the least mobile people and encouraging others to cross dangerously to get around the guard rails.

Question 12

ANSWER :Communities
Explanation :The second last line of paragraph E explains that the barriers make it more difficult to cross the street. Moreover, it states that dividing the communities reducing the healthy transportation options.

Question 13

ANSWER :Choreographers
Explanation :The last line of paragraph F conveys that choreographers are aware of the various artistic moves and the results of them.

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