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The Step Pyramid of Djoser Reading Answers: Solutions and Explanations

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This segment assesses a candidate’s reading comprehension abilities through various questions. In this write-up, you will get the correct solutions along with explanations for the passage “The Step Pyramid of Djoser Reading Answers”, which has appeared in the exam. Besides, the ideal time you must spend on a particular passage is 20 minutes. Let’s see if you’re able to solve this passage in 20 minutes.

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The Step Pyramid of Djoser Reading Answers: Solutions and Explanations

Below are the answers for above IELTS Reading passage along with the explanation.

Question 1

ANSWER :iv - A single certainty among other less definite facts
Explanation :In paragraph A of a reading passage, it is mentioned that The Step Pyramid of Djoser explains the evaluation of the pyramids. It is written that the pyramid form has been argued for several centuries. As per the passage, the pyramid's history originated from the ancient king Djoser. However, there are various debates or opinions among archaeologists and historians about the structure of pyramids. Besides, the only fact that they agreed with is that the pyramids began with the reign of Djoser.

Question 2

ANSWER :vii – An idea for changing the design of burial structures
Explanation :In the second paragraph, it is mentioned that "Prior to Djoser's reign, tombs were rectangular monuments made of dried clay brick." According to this, the tombs that were formed earlier were rectangular in shape and made up of clay.

Question 3

ANSWER :ii – A difficult task for those involved
Explanation :In the paragraph C the sentence, "The weight of the enormous mass was a challenge for the builders, who placed the stones at an inward incline in order to prevent the monument breaking up." justifies the solution for the question.

Question 4

ANSWER :v – An overview of the external buildings and areas
Explanation :As per the paragraph D of the passage, the pyramid was built in a huge complex and was of the size of city in Egypt. It included courtyards, shrines, temple and living quarters. The land included an area of 16 hectares and surrounded by a huge wall.

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Question 5

ANSWER :i –  The areas and artefacts within the pyramid itself
Explanation :As per the lines in paragraph E, "The burial chamber of the tomb, where the king's body was laid to rest, was dug beneath the base of the pyramid, surrounded by a vast maze of long tunnels that had rooms for them to discourage robbers. One of the most mysterious discoveries found inside the pyramid was a large number of stone vessels". There are several long tunnels in the pyramid to prevent the robbers. Besides, the tomb has artefacts, including stone vessels.

Question 6

ANSWER :viii – An incredible experience despite the few remains
Explanation :In the paragraph F of the passage, it is mentioned, "Djoser's grave goods, and even his body, were stolen at some point in the past and all archaeologists found were a small number of his valuables overlooked by the thieves. There was enough left throughout the pyramid and its complex, however, to astonish and amaze the archaeologists who excavated it." This means Djoser grave goods and his body, were stolen in the past.

Question 7

ANSWER :vi –  A pyramid design that others copied
Explanation :Paragraph G of the passage includes, "The Step Pyramid was a revolutionary advance in architecture and became the archetype which all other great pyramid builders of Egypt would follow.

Question 8

Explanation :It can be found in the passage's paragraph D, "When finally completed, the Step Pyramid rose 62 meters high and was the tallest structure of its time. The complex in which it was built was the size of a city in ancient Egypt and included a temple, courtyards, shrines, and living quarters for the priests."

Question 9

ANSWER :Priests
Explanation :In the paragraph D it can be found that the area outside the pyramid have several other buildings. This also includes a temple, shrines and courtyards. Besides, it also have living quarters of the priests.

Question 10

ANSWER :Trench
Explanation :In paragraph D, it can be found that there was a huge wall covering the whole complex where the pyramid was constructed. Moreover, a huge trench was also built so that unwanted visitors could not enter.

Question 11

ANSWER :Location
Explanation :In paragraph D of the passage, it is mentioned that "If someone wished to enter, he or she would have needed to know in advance how to find the location of the true opening in the wall."

Question 12

ANSWER :B – There is disagreement concerning the length of his reign
Explanation :In the paragraph B of the passage explains the disagreement between the historians for the duration of King Dojser's reign.

Question 13

ANSWER :D – A few of his possessions were still in his tomb when archaeologists found it
Explanation :The given paragraph F of the passage suggests that some valuable things were stolen from the tomb. Moreover, his body was also stolen at some point in time.

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