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Glaciers Reading Answers With Explanations for IELTS Exam

To score well in the IELTS exam, it is vital to practice for the reading section.

It assesses the candidate’s language and reading skills through a variety of questions. Here, you will get the solutions along with detailed explanations of answers for the passage “Glaciers reading answers”. Moreover, the ideal time a student must spend on this kind of passage is 20 minutes. Here’s a passage for you, let us see if you can solve it in 20 minutes.

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Glaciers Reading Answers With Explanations for IELTS Exam

Below are the answers for above IELTS Reading passage along with the explanation.

Question 1

ANSWER :vi - Types of Glacier
Explanation :The candidate must select a heading that is apt according to the paragraph. In paragraph A, lines 4,7 and 8 denote that “types of glaciers” are suited as the heading. It talks about continental, valley and temperate glaciers. Hence, reading the paragraph, it can be concluded that it talks about different kinds of glaciers.

Question 2

ANSWER :ii - Formation and growth of glaciers
Explanation :There are various options provided to select from, pick a heading that is suitable for each section. Paragraph B talks about the formation of glaciers, for instance in lines 2, 5 and 6. Hence, it is implied that the heading best suited for the paragraph is “Formation and growth of glaciers”.

Question 3

ANSWER :iii - Glacier Movement
Explanation :The most suitable heading is to be selected among the given alternatives. The gist of Paragraph C shows how the glaciers move. The lines say, “The middle of a glacier moves faster than the sides and bottom because there is no rock to cause friction. The upper part of a glacier rides on the ice below. As a glacier moves it carves out a U-shaped valley similar to a riverbed, but with much steeper walls and a flatter bottom.” Hence, the heading that perfectly suits the paragraph is “Glacier Movement”.

Question 4

ANSWER :vii - Glacial Effects on Landscape
Explanation :The question requires you to pick the heading that fits the best. After reading Paragraph D, it can be concluded that “Glacial Effects on Landscape” is perfectly suitable as the heading. The paragraph talks about glacier development and its impacts.

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Question 5

ANSWER :v - Glaciers through the years
Explanation :In this, the candidate must choose the most appropriate heading. Paragraph E discusses glaciers from the past century and what changes have occurred in their shape and size. However, it is still unknown whether this is a result of natural causes or human intervention. Researches suggest that this is due to years of global warming. Hence, “Glaciers through the years” suits the best.

Question 6

Explanation :The line “The majority of the earth’s glaciers are located near the poles, though glaciers exist on all continents, including Africa and Oceania.” Paragraph B clearly states that glaciers are present on all continents and not just around the poles. Hence, the response is false.

Question 7

Explanation :In line 2 of paragraph B, it is clearly stated that the formation of glaciers needs suitable environmental conditions. Cold temperature, wind and snowfall contribute to the growth of glaciers. Therefore, the statement is true.

Question 8

Explanation :In line 7 of paragraph B, it is mentioned “With the rare exception of surging glaciers, a common glacier flows about 10 inches per day in the summer and 5 inches per day in the winter.” Hence, the response is true.

Question 9

Explanation :In line 6 of paragraph C, it is stated that “The middle of a glacier moves faster than the sides and bottom because there is no rock to cause friction.” Hence, the statement is false and all parts of the glaciers do not move at the same speed.

Question 10

ANSWER :Not Given
Explanation :Although the last paragraph states that the last ice age glaciers used to cover 32% of Earth’s surface. However, it does not state that the temperatures were lower.

Question 11

ANSWER :Option B
Explanation :There is a line in paragraph A that states “smaller glaciers that occur at higher elevations are called alpine or valley glaciers”. Hence, glaciers formed on mountains are called alpine glaciers.

Question 12

ANSWER :Option D
Explanation :In paragraph A, it is mentioned: “Polar glaciers, in contrast, always maintain temperatures far below melting.” Hence, polar glaciers are glaciers with temperatures well below freezing.

Question 13

ANSWER :Option H
Explanation :Earlier there have been times when the swift movement of glaciers is recorded. Further, paragraph B states, surging glaciers are glacier that moves very quickly.

Question 14

ANSWER :Option A
Explanation :In paragraph D it is mentioned that Glacial valleys weer originated near the ocean are Fjords.

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