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All You Need to Know About MBA Streams to Study Abroad [2024]

Masters in Business Management (MBA) is one of the most popular courses among Indian students. Often, scholars prefer pursuing MBA streams from abroad. Their priority is choosing the best stream in MBA and the best colleges. This blog will help you as a guide through the top 10 MBA stream. Moreover, you will also find a list of top universities that offer these streams to Indian students. Let us start by focusing on the reasons why studying MBA from outside India is a great option.

Why Study an MBA from Outside India?

Studying for an MBA degree and making a career out of it is a dream of many. Besides, many Indian scholars choose abroad nations like the USA, the UK, and Australia for the same. Have you ever wondered why? Well, below are a few of the reasons listed:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Cultural Exchange
  • High Return Value
  • Career Prospects

The above points are well explained below:

Networking Opportunities

Firstly, going overseas definitely means you will have greater exposure. For instance, there will be competition from brilliant minds from all around the world. Moreover, your peer groups will have people from various family backgrounds. In addition to this, there are student exchange programs focused on increasing your exposure.

Practical Knowledge

Secondly, the practicality of knowledge, its implementation in real world problems is something you learn at universities in the UK, the US, and likes. Moreover, the infrastructure at universities there is also what motivates students to learn more.

Cultural Exchange

Thirdly, it is natural to come across all kinds of humans while studying abroad. Especially, if you are in a country famous for pursuing MBA globally. Students from all parts of the world will come to study there. Hence, there will be mixing and interactions.

High Return Value

Fourthly, investing in education abroad in a developed nation always brings a good return value. Hence, if you study in one of the above mentioned countries, you are bound to get a great experience and career prospects will be wider for you.

Career Prospects

Lastly, the career opportunities in a foreign land are more than the ones in India. For instance, the number of investors and employers is greater there as compared to developing nation like India. The sections below will talk about the various MBA streams and their job opportunities in the current market of 2024.

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These were the various benefits of studying abroad for an MBA. Now, let us talk about which MBA stream has the highest return value.

Top 10 MBA Streams in the World

The MBA is a vast degree with a lot of domains in it. Take a look at the following list to get an idea of how many streams are there in an MBA.

Explore the top 10 MBA streams in the world with Gradding


    Firstly, the finance sector is the most famous one out of all the MBA streams. It is about the money management capabilities and how you can use them to benefit a firm. You will be required to learn the financial analysis on a large scale. Moreover, you will also study the rules and regulations to protect the company from monetary risks. In addition to this, your learning will include studying some of the corporate laws. Take a look at the following table to know which are the job roles that students from this stream get into:

    1. Financial Analysts
    2. Business Analysts
    3. Investment Banking Associate
    4. CEO (Chief Financial Officer)


    Secondly, the marketing stream is related to creating a bridge between the customers and the company's services and their vision. Several students get into this stream to enhance their creative selves. Marketing is done in many ways, for instance, there are advertisements, hoardings, digital marketing, etc. Besides, digital marketing has been rising due to the increased involvement of the internet. Furthermore, Take a look at the various job roles offered to the students of the marketing stream in MBA:

    1. Brand Manager
    2. Head of Marketing Department
    3. Corporate Sales Manager
    4. Marketing Manager
    5. Digital Marketing Executive

    Human Resources

    Thirdly, we have the HR managers who are good at their communication skills and team management. Moreover, they are also famous for developing the workforce through negotiation. Students in this MBA stream are trained to do the same in different office settings. In addition to this, they are also responsible for employee welfare, hiring talent, and training. Look at the table below to learn the various job roles offered to students of the human resources department:

    1. Consultant
    2. Staffing Manager
    3. Recruiter
    4. Human Resource Executive
    5. Director of HR Training and Development

    Event Management

    Fourthly, students choose the event management and organizing related streams in MBA. Their studies include learning to manage risks, logistics, and creative execution of plans. The budgeting and organizing of any event including discussing and deciding the venue and the settings with the client. Take a look at the table below to learn more about the kind of jobs available for students belonging to this stream:

    1. Event Planner
    2. Event Manager
    3. Wedding Planner
    4. Exhibition Manager
    5. Corporate Events Planner

    Supply Chain Management

    Fifthly, students learn and excel in supply chain marketing in some of the most well known universities in countries like the UK, USA, etc. Scholars learn about warehousing, logistics, and transportation of wares. Take a look at the table below to know what types of job roles suit the students studying this stream:

    1. Supply Chain Analyst
    2. International Business Manager
    3. Consultant
    4. Market Research Analyst

    Information Technology

    Sixthly, one of the most famous MBA streams is the one related to technology. The IT sector is one of the ever growing fields. Hence, this stream is famous among the students who wish to pursue their MBA from overseas. Also, it is the best sector to make a career in as it connects you with computer science. Take a look at the table below to know where business and technology collide:

    1. IT Manager
    2. System Manager
    3. Technology Officer
    4. IT Director

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    Healthcare Management

    Furthermore, countries like Canada have an increasingly emerging healthcare sector. Hospital administration is where your MBA degree comes into role. Moreover, you will also learn about the various healthcare policies and their history. In addition, there is finance management in hospitals, medical facilities, government institutions, etc. Take a look at the table below to learn more about the various job profiles healthcare sector:

    1. CEO of a Hospital
    2. Policy Analyst (Healthcare department)
    3. Consultant
    4. Service Manager

    Data Analysis

    Eighthly, students consider statistics as their major often and opt for this stream. The entire world is summarized into huge sets of data. Hence, there is always a growing market for data analysts who know how to analyze huge sets of data. Thus, it would be wise to choose this stream with mathematics and statistics. Take a look at the table below to know which job roles you can apply for:

    1. Data Analyst
    2. Machine Learning Engineer
    3. Data Scientist
    4. Data Engineer

    International Business

    Ninthly, the international markets are all arms open for talented students. Scholars of this stream learn to study these markets and their trends. Moreover, these are global matters, hence, it also requires someone who can manage the intercultural relations of the employees at MNCs. Furthermore, you learn about international trade and global economic interactions between companies and countries. Take a look at the following table to know which job roles you can apply for if you study this stream:

    1. Consultant
    2. Supply Chain Analyst
    3. Business Manager
    4. Market Research Analyst

    Oil and Gas Management

    Lastly, the list has management of scarce nonrenewable resources such as oil and gas. Here, students study about production and supply management of the resources. Moreover, they also learn the challenges faced by these industries in managing these resources. In addition to this, people allocated here also have to learn about the risks and build strategies to minimize these risks. Take a look at the following table to know which job roles to go for and their salaries:

    1. Oil and Gas Analyst
    2. Project manager
    3. Operations Manager
    4. Energy Manager

    These are the various streams in MBA to study abroad. Now, let us look at how to choose the best MBA stream to study abroad.

    How to Choose the Best MBA Streams?

    Indeed, it is very crucial for students to choose an MBA stream that suits their interests and potential. Yet, students don't know MBA in which stream will help them achieve their goals. Moreover, many study abroad experts fail to make the students realize the following pointers before choosing an MBA stream to study abroad:

    • Know Your Interests and Potential
    • Research About All Specializations
    • Evaluate Future Career Prospects
    • Consider Your Preferences
    • Start Networking and Learning
    • Judge the Financial Challenges

    The above points are explained well in the descriptions below:

    Know Your Interests and Potential

    Firstly, try to know what you are inclined towards in learning and excelling in a field. Also, focus on learning about your potential in various domains. You might have the ability to excel in something you don't immediately like to do and vice versa.

    Research About All Specializations

    Secondly, there are several specializations that you need to consider studying. Moreover, before choosing, it would be wise to analyze each one of them and research well. Every specialization of an MBA is associated with a different domain of the industry.

    Evaluate Future Career Prospects

    Thirdly, the job market shows what your future in that particular domain can look like. Moreover, the increasing technology in every field may also affect your decision to choose a specialization. Thus, it would be a good idea to consider familiarizing yourself with a technical field.

    Consider Your Preferences

    Fourthly, your preferences matter as well. Hence, try to evaluate what you are seeking in a university or a country while studying abroad. This will help you identify and compare the merits and demerits of a particular stream, university, country, etc.

    Start Networking and Learning

    Fifthly, it can be a good idea to befriend people in the same boat as you. Moreover, it will help you identify answers from their research as well.

    Judge the Financial Challenges

    Lastly, take note of your financial capabilities while choosing an MBA stream and the right college for it. Moreover, there are scholarship options that you might need to research on to decide which stream and college you can study in. These are a few of the many things you should consider before choosing an MBA stream. Now, let us talk about the top MBA universities in the world.

    Top MBA Universities Worldwide

    Several universities across the world offer different MBA streams for Indian students. The list below mentions the most popular institutes to offer an MBA degree and their average annual tuition fees:

    (in INR)
    Stanford University
    33,91,029 INR
    University of Pennsylvania
    66,63,982 INR
    Harvard University
    63,80,888 INR
    London Business School
    35,00,000 - 76,00,000 INR
    HEC Parish School of Management
    20,00,000 - 77,00,000 INR
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    68,47,701 INR
    Columbia Business School
    70,56,138 INR
    IE Business School
    73,27,992 INR
    University of Cambridge
    71,58,770 INR
    IESE Business School
    45,00,000 INR

    These are the top 10 MBA universities worldwide. Now, let us talk about the eligibility criteria for the same.

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    Eligibility Criteria for Top MBA Programs Worldwide

    In nations like the USA, UK, and Canada, the eligibility criteria are not very different. In fact, the entrance tests in these are also the same like the GRE and GMAT. Take a look at the following eligibility criteria and check if you qualify to study MBA abroad.

    1. Firstly, a student must have a UG degree with a minimum percentage of 60%.
    2. Secondly, showcase your English language skills through IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.
    3. Thirdly, GRE and GMAT scores are of great significance.
    4. Fourthly, bring credible letters of recommendation (LORs). These work as evidence of your academic and professional abilities.
    5. Fifthly, give a logical and solid statement of purpose (SOP).
    6. Sixthly, a few of the universities ask for written essays on their given topic to analyze your analytical skills.
    7. Seventhly, provide your resume as asked in the application forms of some of the universities.
    8. Lastly, some colleges may also require work experience for some specific time.

    These are the eligibility pointers for pursuing an MBA abroad. To sum up, there are a lot of universities offering MBA streams to international students. However, not every stream might suit all the students. Hence, it is better to consult a study abroad expert like the ones at Gradding. They will aid you with a roadmap and a lot of research. Moreover, apart from counseling, scholars can expect an overall guide for their study abroad journey. In addition to this, mentors also aid the student's pre departure and post arrival. To avail of these benefits, all you need to do is book a free session on the phone number given on the top right corner!


    Q1. What Do You Mean by MBA Stream?

    Master in business administration covers a large variety of industrial jobs. These streams are chosen by the students as per their interests, goals, and potential. Some of these MBA streams list include finance, marketing, IT, etc.

    Q2. Which Stream is Best for MBA in the World 2024?

    The best MBA stream is the one that matches your interests and potential in the long run. Some of the popularly chose MBA streams are:

    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Sales
    • International Business

    Apart from these, there are many more answers to your "for MBA which stream is best?" question.

    Q3. Can I Pursue an MBA Abroad With No Work Experience?

    Yes, there are a lot of universities that offer MBAs without expecting work experience from you. In countries like the UK, the US, and Canada, some colleges need no work experience for MBA scholars.

    Q4. Can I Study 2 MBA Streams Together?

    Yes, it is possible. Moreover, it is also recommended to pursue a second MBA for the ones who wish to switch their career from one stream to another.

    Q5. How Can I Switch Career After Pursuing MBA in a Particular Stream?

    Research the job scenario and the employment market for MBA graduates. This will broaden your knowledge and help you excel in various domains. To switch, you have to first identify which stream do you want to switch into. Then, pursue a certification or an additional MBA in the same.

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